Apple iOS 13.1 beta runs and shortens the time

by Kelvin
Apple iOS 13.1 beta runs and shortens the time

Apple iOS 13.1 beta runs and shortens the time 1

Apple He released iOS 13.1 Beta. Exactly: from Cupertino comes an update package for an operating system still in beta, a move to say the least unusual for the canonical and rigid software release practices of the group led by Tim Cook. However, there is no mistake, but only a new and different way of approaching the release of the new version of the software, allowing testers to get their hands on the news ahead of their time.

September is just around the corner: this will be the moment for the new iPhone 11 and probably new iPads. This will also be the time of iOS 13, but with any evidence the yard is already closed and work is underway on what will follow.


iOS 13.1 Beta 1: the news

iOS 13.1 is available for all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch that are already testing the beta release of iOS 13. Those who use a Apple Watch in combination they will also have to update the smartwatch to watchOS 6 beta 2 in order to continue the test on both devices. Also released in parallel also tvOS 13 beta is iPadOS 13.1 beta.

The main new features of the beta release include:

  • Automation returns in vogue after having been previously removed from the 13th release of the operating system: it represents a system of shortcuts that allow you to generate specific routines in the presence of specific conditions;
  • Share ETA enters Maps to share with a friend the time of arrival that the app estimates after setting a navigation path;
  • Dynamic Wallpaper: small news for a function previously limited to iPhone X and later also open to previous versions;
  • when you change the volume via AirPods, a special vertical bar represents the level on the screen;

Further improvements are related to audio settings, use of fonts, HEVC encoding and other small details. A special one official page lists the entire range of new features, including the many bug fixes included in the release.

iOS 13.1: the official release

The official release of iOS 13.1 will only take place following the debut of iOS 13. The beta of the first update would therefore not be destined to surpass the zero version, but only to support it in this beta test phase. Although the timing of the release is not clear at the moment, therefore, the certainty is that iOS 13.1 will not reach the users if not a few weeks after the release of iOS 13 and after the necessary deep testing by testers and developers.

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