Apple: iPhone 11 sales better than expected – models with longer delivery times and some already sold out

by Kelvin
Apple: iPhone 11 sales better than expected - models with longer delivery times and some already sold out

Since Friday, interested parties can join the new iPhone 11 models Apple pre-order – and sales are better than expected. Especially the new colors attract a lot of interest. Some models are already sold out in the USA. And delivery times have also been pushed back in the German store.

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Apple presents the iPhone 11 at an event in Cupertino | (c) Areamobile


(c) Areamobile

As usual, not much time passed between announcement and sales start. Since last Friday, customers can buy both the cheaper iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max Apple Pre-order. According to, the iPhone 11 was already sold out in several color variants in the USA today. The same goes for some iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max models. According to the website, a "trusted insider" reported that orders for the new iPhone 11 devices would be better than expected and that should be due to the new colors.

Demand significantly higher than expected

This year offers Apple In addition to the standard colors black and white with green, yellow, purple and red this time a wide range of colors, which is apparently very popular. In a message to a AppleInvestor, from the According to MacRumors, the demand for the iPhone 11 in green and purple, but also for the night green version of the iPhone 11 Pro, is "significantly higher" than expected, resulting in the first delays in delivery The shipping times in the US for the night green iPhone 11 Pro, the green iPhone 11 and the iPhone 11 in purple at least two to three weeks.The other colors are a bit too fast to get, here you have to expect about ten days The midnight green models are not only being extended because they are in great demand, but also the glass cases of these models are currently struggling with production issues, according to the source.

Especially the new color nightgreen for the Apple iPhone 11 Pro is very popular with pre-orders. | (C) Apple

Delivery times in Germany

In German Apple Store have been adjusted according to some delivery times. There are only a few models that should be really in the customer in four days at the launch. For some models, such as the iPhone 11 Pro, in nightgreen or gold with 256 or 512 GB, a delivery time of 10 October is already indicated. You can usually get the cheapest models with 64 GB memory faster. If you want to get a new iPhone 11 right on Friday, you can only order one iPhone 11 – no matter what color – or an iPhone 11 Pro Max in gold with 512 GB. All other models will be delivered on the 24th of September at the earliest; Some popular Pro and Pro Max models can be ordered at the time of ordering Apple Onlineshop until October 9, need until they arrive at your place.

Below are the delivery times of the various iPhone 11 models according to the current state (16.09.19 – 15.30 clock) in Apple Online store:

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Source: Apple Store, BGR via MacRumors

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