Apple iPhone 4 no longer sells in India, China and Brazil

by Kelvin
Apple iPhone 4 no longer sells in India, China and Brazil 1

The iPhone 4s will once again be the most economical device in emerging countries

The news had been waiting for some time since the rumors, and now it has finished confirming: Apple It no longer officially sells the iPhone 4 in the world's main emerging markets, such as India, Brazil or China. Obviously, a sign that we are facing a finished stage, in which the iPhone 4S will once again take over as the company's cheapest smartphone in these emerging countries, which will allow users, in the future, to use the new version mobile operating system, iOS 8.

Apple iPhone 4 no longer sells in India, China and Brazil 2

iPhone 4 in emerging markets, iPhone 5C in developed countries

It all started concretely at the beginning of this year, when Apple confirmed that the iPhone 4 was launched again in many of these emerging markets in the world, where the firm considered that with its more accessible price, it could position itself better. However, the results, pending official publications, have not been as expected and the first news is that sales of the fourth version of the iPhone will not continue.


At that time the strategy of Apple It seemed nothing crazy. If along with the launch of the iPhone 5S, the firm's main smartphone so far, the iPhone 5c, a sweetened version of the original device, had been shown. The truth is that even the cost of this was a disbursement too large for users in India, China or Brazil. That is why for them the sale of the iPhone 4 was reopened, at costs close to 400 euros and their equivalents. But the success of the proposal was limited.

iPhone 4 - Buy Sales Guide.png

The iPhone 4S takes over again

One of the main consequences of this new measure taken by the people of Apple It has to do with the fact that the iPhone 4S will become its most economical terminal in the world, and it is not accidental that for some months many local agencies of these nations presented facilities to acquire said device for a discounted price in exchange for some version previous of the Apple brand smartphone.

Beyond the economic aspect, that we should not be naive and separate from such a measure, the truth is that sooner or later Apple it was going to be forced to remove the iPhone 4 from the market, due to the criticism received by users in their experience with the iOS 7 operating system. When the owners of the iPhone 4 wanted to update their smartphones to the seventh version, it became clear that it faltered in aspects such as hardware, and basically that determined the end of this device. Although, with the release of version 7.1 of the mobile operating system of Apple, The iPhone 4 has begun to work better, this change of strategy by the company is also related to the arrival of the new iOS 8, which should leave compatible with that device.

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