Apple It is no longer the most valuable brand in the world

by Kelvin

Google separates Apple as the most valuable brand in the world

In this of the ego of the great multinationals of technology, there are different studies that seek to establish parameters such as which is the most valuable brand in the world. Although it is true that Apple It is always among the leaders, in this case the news is not entirely good for those of Cupertino, since they have been surpassed by Google in the last period.

Apple It is no longer the most valuable brand in the world 4

Google is the new "most valuable"

Specifically, through the data disseminated by the “Millward Brown’s annual BrandZ study of global brands”, we can know that Google has surpassed Apple as the most valuable firm in the world, after three years in which Californians were the absolute leaders of this world ranking of the most prestigious that exist.


One of the main causes for which Apple has lost the leadership in this table of the world's most valuable brands, has to do with the decrease of its value in a range of 20%, from the previous 185,000 million dollars, to the current 147,000 million dollars. That adds to a huge growth of Google, in the order of 40%, now settling at around 158 billion dollars.

Apple It is no longer the most valuable brand in the world 5

Do youApple no longer redefine technology?

In recent years, we had become accustomed to that when we talked about Apple, we were in the presence of the firm that defined the new concepts and technologies that would be used in the world of mobiles and the like in the future. Now, Millward Brown experts believe that the decrease in the value of the brand may have to do with that space that has begun to be disputed little by little.

In addition to this conception that Apple It is not as avant-garde as before, we have spectacular growth in the same survey of other firms competing in this market, among which it is possible to name for example Microsoft, which has increased its price from 69,000 million dollars to 90,000 million of dollars. Even the one that has had the most pronounced growth as a brand is Facebook, from situations such as the purchase of WhatsApp, passing its price of just 21,000 million dollars to an auspicious 35,000 million dollars.

Although the studies of brand values ​​use tools that are difficult to measure in the same terms for all companies, in many cases their results are used in Branding and Marketing internally by these companies to improve their imprint on the market.

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