Apple Keynote 2019: streaming service Apple TV + and games flat rate Apple Arcade start for each 4.99 euros per month

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Apple Keynote 2019: streaming service Apple TV + and games flat rate Apple Arcade start for each 4.99 euros per month

Apple has introduced new services at its press conference today. For each less than 5 euros per month you will receive a family subscription for the content of the video streaming offer Apple tv + and the game flat rate Apple Arcade. The contents of both offers are exclusive Apple to disposal.

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Tim Cook presents the new video streaming service Apple TV on the Apple Keynote 2019. | (c) Areamobile


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Apple have been working on their own streaming service for video content for a long time in order to stand up to such greats as Netflix, Amazon's Prime Video or even the soon-to-launch Disney + offer. Well has Apple-Chef Tim Cook at today's press conference in addition to the new iPhone models also introduced new offerings of the Group for services in terms of movies / series or games.

Apple TV +

The previously launched three trailers for the upcoming streaming offer were called, according to Cook more than 100 million times. These include, for example, the comedy Dickinson, the space series "For all mankind" and "The Morning Show", in which, among others, Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon will be part of the party. There's also the documentary "The Elephant Queen" as well as some children's series like Snoopy in Space and Helpsters and also Oprah Winfrey should be there from the beginning.

Unlike the competitors published Apple TV + different: First, three episodes of a series are available for retrieval, then weekly adds a new episode. The content can be accessed via all AppleDevices and selected Samsung smart TVs. Soon Sony and LG TVs, Amazon's Fire TV and other devices will be added.

The service will be launched on November 1st in more than 100 countries and will feature new, exclusive content under the name of "monthly".Apple TV + original "The trailer of the Scifi series" See "with" Aquaman "star Jason Momoa shown on today's keynote was pretty visceral and impressive, apparently Apple the exclusively produced contents really cost money. Speaking of money. A family subscription (for up to six family members) for Apple TV + costs 4.99 euros per month in Germany. And then Tim Cook put a special treat at the end of the presentation: Who from today on AppleDevice (iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, iMac or MacBook) Apple TV + for a year free of charge.

Apple Arcade

Presentation of Apple Arcade on the Apple Keynote on 10.09.2019

With Apple Arcade starts Apple a new gaming subscription service in the style of a flat rate and thus positions itself, for example, against competitors such as Google with their new offer Play Pass. Right at the start of the offer you will already find more than 100 games. And here too Apple as well as at Apple TV + on exclusive content. In Apple Arcade contains games you will not find at any other provider. For that cooperates Apple with industry greats such as Capcom and Konami, who then play their games exclusively in Apple Arcade offer.

At the keynote, Konami featured a reissue of Frogger (Frogger in Toy Town) and Capcom showed World Above. This title plays underwater because the whole world is covered in ice. For World Above, the developer claims to have spent a lot of time adjusting the music and sound effects for a perfect immersion on "underwater." The third title was Keynote Shinsekai: Into the Depths, Annapurna's music action game Interactive is reminiscent of a mix of Guitar Hero and a motorcycle racing game.

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Presentation of the game "Frogger in Toy Town" by Konami as part of Apple Arcade on the Apple Keynote on 10.09.2019

The games shown all made a good impression, but invariably appeal to casual players. We hope that this will soon change with the planned constant expansion of the offer. After all, developers such as Klei Entertainment, The Chinese Room and Sega Games have been named.

The service Apple Arcade launches on September 19 in 150 countries around the world, here also costs a family subscription only 4.99 euros per month. Interested parties can use the service Apple Try Arcade for a month for free.

All information about the new ones also presented today AppleDevices such as the iPhone 11 series, the new iPad 2019 and the Apple Watch 5 can be found in this article.

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