Apple launches a video in support of the Gay Pride

by Kelvin

Apple and his participation in the Gay Pride of San Francisco

Last June 29 was a very special day for the homosexual community of the United States, and specifically of the city of San Francisco. This is because in its streets a new march of the famous Gay Pride took place, with the peculiarity that the people of Apple, supporting them, and now we can enjoy a diffused video in which the best moments of this exciting meeting can be seen.

Apple launches a video in support of the Gay Pride 3

Apple, presence of luxury in a new edition of the Gay Pride

Of course, the first thing we can highlight is that throughout its history Apple He has shown on numerous occasions constant support to the people who belong to the LGBT community. Therefore, the development of an event like this that is followed throughout the world, has been a fantastic opportunity for Cupertino boys to show their contribution from a new point of view, with the recording of a video as a summary of what happened.


Even later it was known that the same executives of AppleThey expressly asked their employees to come to the event with their families, and some of them were even given facilities to arrive from the venues that the Californian firm has in other parts of the world. Thus, the meeting also featured workers from Apple They actually work in other countries, such as Hong Kong, Paris and Munich, thousands of miles from San Francisco.

As we said, after the end of the meeting, and a little to remember the best of what happened in it, Apple He has released a video to show how his participation in this parade was in the hands of the more than 5,000 employees present at the event. To finish giving emotion to the audiovisual record, which can be seen below, it should be noted that it has also been complemented with the beautiful song of the Coldplay group ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’.

Apple, in favor of LGBT rights

Beyond what this particular event was, we cannot fail to consider that it has served in some way to reveal the growing interest that Apple has in the matter of LGBT rights. Although the Californian firm has always expressed itself in favor of the equality of social conditions for these people, their participation has been increasingly noticeable in all kinds of events, such as now the Gay Pride of San Francisco.

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