Apple launches iOS 13 Beta 2 weeks after launch

by Kelvin

We are only two weeks from September 10th. That is, the day the Apple will probably announce the iPhone 11 to the world. So there is not much time to finish your iOS 13 operating system before launch.

But what if the Apple If you weren't really planning to finish it by then, would you just admit that iOS 13 isn't ready? That may explain why today the company has released a beta for iOS 13.1.


Beta version

It is not a mistake. THE Apple Just released a beta version of the iPhone operating system, which is one tenth newer than the one you can safely carry on an iPhone.

Here is changelog as proof, which you can also read at your leisure. 9to5Mac is tracking the changes that real users will notice, and so far there aren't many. Needless to say, this situation is highly unusual. But as developer Curtis Herbert points out, it may make some sense.

THE Apple not always hit the promised dates for software features like the AirPlay 2 and FaceTime group chats, and had a number of embarrassing software bugs and feature-critical vulnerabilities that needed to be fixed in recent years.

If the Apple can extend its development process and promise all of iOS 13, instead of having to specifically hit iOS 13.0, it can take some of the pressure off, give the company more time to squash the bugs, and engage more real users to identify them in first place.

But that could also mean that iOS 13.0 could be an even harder ride than usual. We are also curious if this means that AirPods Audio Sharing will not be released at the launch of iOS 13.0.

It is listed as an iOS 13.1 feature in changelog, although it has appeared in previous versions of iOS 13 betas.


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