Apple launches ResearchKit, apps for medical research arrive

by Kelvin

Apple launches ResearchKit during the event of Apple Watch

During the presentation event of Apple Watch the boys of the Californian firm have taken the opportunity to announce ResearchKit, it is a platform with which they can help medical research through specialized applications.

Apple launches ResearchKit, apps for medical research arrive 5

ResearchKit will help speed up the medical research process

In order to highlight the difficulties associated with medical research, such as small samples, Apple He has decided to create this new research kit called ResearchKit with a number of partners among which are Oxford, Stanford Medicine and University of Rochester. In addition, thanks to ResearchKit, users will be able to keep track of studies and trends, in addition to knowing what tests they are participating in and the information they will share.


According to the philosophy of Apple:

If there are 700 million users with iPhone worldwide, many of them could help in the medical research process thanks to the new ResearchKit.

Thanks to this new kit Apple it will allow developers who develop applications with HealthKit to convert their own applications into powerful diagnostic tools. Apple He has also created a series of applications with his first Research kit partners. Among the first applications that have been presented we can find the Parkinson's research application, which has a touch test to measure tremors and a walk test to measure the way you walk. They have also developed applications for diabetes research, cardiovascular research, asthma and cancer.

Apple launches ResearchKit, apps for medical research arrive 6Apple launches ResearchKit, apps for medical research arrive 7

ResearchKit will work with the iPhone and other accessories

Thanks to the sensors and hardware of the iPhone, such as the microphone, the multi-touch screen, the accelerometer, the camera, etc., it will be possible to detect certain health patterns that are representative symptoms of certain diseases and pathologies. Also, with the use of specific accessories, it will be possible to control diabetes and other symptoms.

This research kit, ResearchKit, will be open source so it will not be only for the devices of Apple, the first applications will be available from today, and the program will be available in mid-April.

Of course, ResearchKit is a big bet on the part of Apple to bet on improving the health of people through specialized applications and with the help of the iPhone and dedicated accessories. What do you think?

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