Apple Launches the video «Make Music with iPad» by the Grammy Awards, know all the apps

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Apple Launches the video «Make Music with iPad» by the Grammy Awards, know all the apps 1

The new announcement of Apple focuses on creating music with the iPad

Advertising has always been one of the strengths of Apple, regardless of when it was taken by third parties, such as when I make the decision to manage it. Now a new video of the Californian firm arrives which makes its appearance on the occasion of the presentation of the next Grammy Awards.

Apple Launches the video «Make Music with iPad» by the Grammy Awards, know all the apps 2

Make Music with iPad, the announcement of Apple that arrives on the occasion of the Grammy

The new announcement has made its appearance on television in the United States and has as its main protagonist the iPad, in addition to seeing the appearance of many high-quality artists in the world of music, such as the Swedish artist Elliphant, the music producer electronic Gaslamp Killer and the famous DJ Riton.

Through this announcement we can see how the three musician are able to create a totally new version of the song All or nothing by Elliphant thanks to the exclusive use of the iPad, which is equipped with High quality applications for creating and editing music from the tablet Apple.

Applications used in the latest announcement of Apple Make Music with iPad

During the recording of this video we can see how the protagonists of it use their iPad with different applications for the recording of the song that is part of this video. In addition to the app Notes that comes natively with the mobile operating system of Apple, iOS 8, and which is used for the lyrics of the song, we can also find:

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Garageband Turn your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch into a collection of touch instruments and a recording studio with all the features, so you can create music wherever you are. Use Multi-Touch gestures to play the piano, organ, guitar and drums. All instruments are played and sound like real ones, but you can also do things you could not do with physical instruments. Enjoy smart instruments with which you can play like a pro, even if it's the first time you play. Connect an electric guitar to the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and play with classic amps and effects pedals. Record your performances with a touch instrument, an integrated microphone or a guitar at a time, up to 32 tracks * are now supported. Record performances with third-party music and effects apps directly in GarageBand with Inter-App Audio on iOS 8. Share your songs via email, Facebook, YouTube, SoundCloud or AirDrop for iOS.

iMPC Pro

iMPC Pro It is a 64-track music production application designed for the iPad. With the functionality built into sampling, a huge library of sounds, effects, and more than 30 features depending on the results, iMPC Pro brings the functionality of the famous Akai Professional music production centers to the iPad. In addition, iMPC Pro comes with professional-level tools for creating rhythms intuitively whenever you are inspired.


NanoStudio It is a recording studio for iOS, OS X and Windows. It has analog virtual synthesizers, sample firing pads, an integral sequencer, a sample editor, a mixer and multiple effects all integrated into a single application.

Serato Remote

The first official application of Serato for iPad It is designed to complement an existing Scratch Live or Serato DJ. Serato Remote will connect seamlessly so you can work and control playback, reference points, loops and samples, as well as being able to manipulate sound effects in ways that were not possible before. It performs all the functions of Serato DJ and Scratch without touching your laptop.

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Manual Camera – Custom Exposure & Controls

Manual Camera It allows you to have precise control over focus, exposure, ISO, shutter speed, white balance and flash intensity, just simply by moving the slider when taking a photo or video.

What do you think of the new video of Apple Make Music with iPad, your music and the applications used? We love.

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