Apple Music for Android is now compatible with Chromecast

by Kelvin

Apple Music It is one of the most interesting streaming music platforms, in which it seems that it has reached such a point of beat the renowned Spotify in the United States. Little by little we have witnessed the great progress that the platform has had, which in the past was exclusive for the devices of the Californian firm, with time they understood that to obtain followers or in this case clients, it was necessary to expand; currently counting con 10 million downloads in the Play Store, a figure that is said easy but that is not simple. Now incorporates the novelty of compatibility with Chromecast.

The great acceptance you are getting Apple Music on Android is something remarkable, and that is why they have decided to provide a new update to compensate their loyal customers of the platform; and we tell you that they are not few at all.


Apple Music compatibility with Chromecast, and Dark Mode

Apple Music for Android is now compatible with Chromecast 3

What many users hailed at last has come true, and it was the compatibility of Apple Music with Chromecast, thanks to this, now the user will be able to transmit his favorite music on this device, where he will be able to listen on televisions, speakers among others; This was a functionality that was becoming a long time requirement.

Now we go to its new interface, and it is just the "Dark Mode". Now with the arrival of iOS 13 and Android 10; where black color is impregnated in every corner of the software, apps cannot be left behind. Apple Music joins this trend, in order to provide the best visual experience, if you are one of those who spend hours listening to music quickly dying your battery, now you will notice improvements in this regard. Since as we know to have activated the “Dark Mode ” It brings an energy saving in your device, so it is something we were waiting for and that is enhanced by the developer.

Last but not least have included two new features within the app, we talk about "Live Lyrics and Radio." Now you can listen to your music with the respective lyrics of the song, perfectly synchronized; If you like karaoke congratulations on it. They have also decided to incorporate more than 100 thousand Radio stations around the world, totally live.

We see the great interest and effort that the developer has had in this case is Apple, to incorporate their latest news to Android. Here you will have the link that will take you directly to Google Play so you can enjoy All stakes new features.

Source: PhoneArena

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