Apple Music is now available in the Amazon I miss Germans

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Apple Music is now available in the Amazon I miss Germans

More and more people are adding smart speakers to their homes to create a home automation system with which to control lights, devices and generate routines. The Amazon Echo are one of the most widespread options to be compatible with most accessories and services on the market.

One of the most widespread uses given to Amazon Echo is to use them with streaming music services. Apart from Amazon Music, Jeff Bezos smart speakers can use Spotify, TuneIn and Deezer. In addition, the platform of Apple is gradually spreading to more regions for these speakers, now arriving in Germany.

Compatible with all products of Amazon and speakers with Alexa

Amazon  Threw out

Even though Apple It has its own smart speaker, the HomePod, wants Apple Music is available to as many audiences as possible. That is why In December 2018, it began its integration with the Amazon Echo, Fire TV and speakers with Alexa. Although initially it was only available in the United States, in these months it has reached the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Although those in Seattle have not yet released an official confirmation of the arrival of Apple Music to its products, the media ensures that German users can now configure it and set it as the default service.

With its arrival in Europe, it is a matter of time before the support lands in the rest of the countries of the continent in which both Apple Music like the Amazon Echo are available, including Spain.

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