Apple plan iOS "wireless recovery" according to the latest beta version

by Kelvin

Recently, a new beta version of iOS 13.4 has come to the devices listed in the beta developer software program that the company has maintained for several years. This new build, which one All three are available This next update includes a number of changes and fixes that will allow you to go over the operation for launch, however what we don't expect is that it may bring more news.

When we find the first build of iOS 13.4, this version will present features like iCloud Drive shared folder, or the return of the previous toolbar of the Mail application. Perhaps it also presents the arrival of CarKey, a function that allows us to open our vehicles from the Wallet application. And now we already know that Apple I can prepare something new that is very important for the company's devices.


In particular, it has been found in the latest iOS 13.4 build beta. the existence of a feature called "Operating System Recovery", whose interface reminds us that we can find operating devices such as AirPods or HomePod. According to information from 9to5Mac, this feature allows us to restore our device in the future without connecting it to a PC or Mac. It can even be used to restore other devices through a cable connection with Lightning or USB-C.

At first, this new thing may seem quite absurd, it may not be necessary for many users. However, it is important to note that DFU recovery mode i still need iTunes now for its operation, which makes it useless if we do not have a computer nearby.

Apple        Recovery of the operating systemVia: 9to5Mac

On the other hand, a device like Apple Watch o HomePod does not yet have a recovery system that users can access, which means that whenever they need this operation, it is necessary to go to technical services, because cannot be transferred to a computer or to another device. Solutions like this can be perfect for these cases, avoiding that users have to go to support.

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However, it is important to remember that this feature is still under development, so there is limited information on its operations. In fact, so far you can only access what appears to be an interface "placeholder". Like this there's still a chance that we'll never see it on our device, or because it has been delayed due to an update like iOS 14.

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