Apple Ready to produce Sapphire Crystal for iPhone 6 and iWatch, no problems

by Kelvin

iPhone 6 and iWatch, Apple can produce enough Sapphire Crystal for these devices

Thanks to a report by the famous analyst Matt Margolis of Seeking Alpha, AppleIn principle, you should not have any problem to keep covered the production of sapphire crystal, material that will be implemented in two of its most anticipated devices for this year, 2014, we refer to the iPhone 6 and iWatch.

Apple Ready to produce Sapphire Crystal for iPhone 6 and iWatch, no problems 3

The Mesa plant, Arizona, at full capacity would be enough to produce all the necessary Sapphire Crystal

This news comes after a check carried out in the assembly line of this element for the mentioned devices. This suggests that the plant built by Apple Together with its partner Advaced GT in Mesa, Arizona, it has adequate capacity for production. In the report, Margolis also notes that, in theory, the maximum production capacity at full capacity could allow the manufacture of about 200 million units per year, thanks to the 2,500 furnaces installed.


This plant is almost finished and according to this, within a month it should be ready to start production, from now on and until then all work will be focused on safety and on finishing preparing most of the operational structure. So if the report turns out to be true, it seems that the only problem that the California company would have to face would be closely related to production costs, remember that the rumors so far suggest that the devices could significantly increase their price due to the cost of Production of screens made of this material.

iWatch September Release

2014 will be a very positive year for Apple for all the news you will present

In fact, this problem is the one that most substantially affects the final sale price to consumers. For this reason, it is also believed that Sapphire Crystal will only be initially implemented in the iWatch and the 5.5-inch iPhone Air or iPhone 6.

If the rumors circulating become official, expectations suggest that the launch of the next iPhone 6 will be in September 2014, on the other hand, although it has been rumored that the iWatch could arrive at the same event, there are doubts regarding this and it is thought that the smartwatch release date of Apple It could be the month of October.

As Eddy Cue had anticipated, this year, 2014, Apple I could close it in a very positive way thanks to the large number of products that will be presented throughout it, so we have nothing left but to be attentive to the movements that the Cupertino boys will make in the remainder of the year.

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