Apple register a patent related to wireless charging

by Kelvin
Apple register a patent related to wireless charging 1

Apple keep working on new wireless charging technologies

A few days ago we reviewed the features that users would like to see in the future iPhone 6 and one of these features was the wireless device charging. We do not know if really the next smartphone from Apple It will include this feature, but what we do know is that the company is working on it and has now registered a new patent related to this charging system.

Apple register a patent related to wireless charging 2

In Apple it seems that they have not just convinced the induction charging systems and Everything seems to indicate that they are looking for a more advanced wireless charging system, a system that does not require physical contact so that the load is carried out.


According to the patent granted to Apple, the company has developed a charging system based on NFMR (Near Magnetic Resonance Field). Is technology would allow the battery of a device to be charged up to one meter away from the transmitter, so no contact would be necessary.

The patent explains how this technology could be integrated into future iMac. Thanks to this, the equipment could supply power to mice and wireless keyboards. This would prevent us from running out of battery, they would still be wireless and, in addition, it would work completely transparently to the user.

This technology would allow the charging of devices wirelessly and without the need for physical contact.

In this case the transmitter would only have to charge the peripheral batteries with very low energy consumption, but It is possible that Apple Continue to develop this technology and be able to make it powerful enough to charge larger batteries, such as iPhone or iPad.

Apple register a patent related to wireless charging 3

Surely the idea of ​​"transmitting" energy through the air does not please many and the most likely is that their safety is questioned. This is logical, since it is a fairly novel technology, although Apple It ensures that it is a safe technology. Of course, this is yet to be demonstrated on a large scale.

As they say in iDownloadblog, for now This is nothing more than a patent and we cannot know if the Cupertino boys will really decide to launch a device that includes it in the near future., like the rumored iPhone 6. Still, we love to see that in Apple They keep investigating and looking for new ways to improve their devices.

How about? Do you really think it would be useful to have such a wireless charging system.

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