Apple reveals when you can install iOS 13 and iPadOS

by Kelvin
iOS 13 en iPhone

Apple He has talked a lot about his new devices, however he has forgotten to talk about the launch of his new operating systems. Fortunately it seems that, although it has not been seen, we have official release dates of iOS 13, iPadOS and other systems.


The new update will be released one day before the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro are released, that is, September 19. To see iPadOS however we will have to wait a little longer.

Release dates of the operating systems of Apple

Apple It has several operating systems, right now it has 5: iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, macOS and tvOS. These are the fofficial launch pitches confirmed by Apple for the new operating systems:

  • iOS 13 and watchOS 6: September 19.
  • iPadOS, iOS 13.1 and macOS Catalina: September 30.
  • tvOS: there seems to be no date but it will be one of the above.

As we see we will still have to wait a bit to update our devices to the latest version, especially our iPad and Macs.

iOS 13 iPad iPhone iPad

Remember that both iOS 13 and iPadOS come with important news:

  • Dark mode.

  • New app Photos.

  • Login with Apple, to register on websites without your data being exposed.
  • New Look Around option on Maps similar to Google Street View
  • Compatibility with a mouse.

  • New Memoji customization options and the new Memoji Stickers
  • New less intrusive volume indicator.

  • The NFC opens to developers.
  • Possibility to read an external memory and copy its files.
  • New Search app with interesting improvements.
  • Redesign of the App Store.

  • Improvements in Safari with a new download manager.
  • Sliding keyboard.
  • Face ID is 30% faster.

  • Apps take half the time to open and take up less.
  • CarPlay is also updated with significant improvements.

All this and much more will arrive on your devices on September 19, but remember that only iPhone from iPhone 6s are compatible with iOS 13.