Apple row back – luckily!

by Kelvin
Apple row back - luckily!

The development of the new iOS version seems more problematic than usual this year. GIGA expert Sebastian explains why he is now glad that Apple row back and delete functions.

With a mixture of concern and joyful tension, I followed the development of iOS 13 – but without loading the public beta version onto my personal iPhone. Because what I recommend the GIGA readers, of course, applies to myself: On a first device have the Apple-Beta's lost nothing. On the one hand, the installation can mean that you can not always use your smartphone reliably. On the other hand, there is a risk that data will be lost.


What you should know about iPadOS as well, here in the video:

Some beta of iOS 13 proved that such concerns are not unfounded. The system ran at times even for a test version surprisingly unstable and even brought the iCloud data many users confused, Even those who installed the trial only on a second device, but with its normal Apple ID was logged in, could get a mess in its memory. Is it Apple still succeed until the release of iOS 13 in mid-September, the many drastic errors that may appear in no case in a final version, eradicate? I asked myself, and indirectly delivered Apple in the last days even the answer: no.

iOS 13: Apple has deleted functions

No, at least not without step back. Otherwise, the company would not have pulled the ripcord. What specifically means for iOS 13: Apple Has some functions removed from the operating system at short notice,

For example: Apple has deleted iCloud innovations from iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, because the synchronization of the data caused immense errors. For this reason, you will not be able to share an iCloud folder with other people – one of the innovations of iOS 13. A developer betrayedthat Apple switched back to the previous synchronization method.

Besides, has Apple according to the current state of knowledge, the automation functions in the shortcuts app, the font management and the audio sharing deleted – that can be partly found in the beta of iOS 13.1, as well as:

It is not uncommon for that Apple some announced at WWDC feature for a new iOS only with the x.1 version. Unusually, this time though, that Apple last minute features removed from iOS 13. By the way: The new iCloud synchronization is not even included in the beta of iOS 13.1 – there is probably the worm in it.

Good decision, Apple!

Am I upset now? No, on the contrary. It is a pity that we have to wait longer for some functions. But it does not hurt anyone. Apple I'd rather have one error-free operating system publish as a mid-September cause a disaster.

If necessary, back rowing is also allowed. And what do you say?

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