Apple software blocks the battery of your iPhone repaired by third parties

by Kelvin
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Apple still looking for more enemies, and is that as has been released iFixit, a very popular portal for helping to disassemble and reassemble any device so that each person can repair it by spending very little money, Apple have found a way to discourage users when replacing the battery of their iPhone outside official stores of the company.iPhone Xs Max interior 740x502 0

According to reports, the company has activated a "latent software lock"which disables access to battery status information, unless the replacement battery comes from Apple or from an authorized service provider. The problem seems to affect the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with iOS 12 or iOS 13 Beta.


This means that users who installed their battery at an external provider now They receive a message that says they need technical service for their battery because they are not official. The most surprising thing is that even users who installed a genuine battery of Apple They received the same message.

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According to the channel of YouTube TheArtofRepair "The Art of Repair" (with the video of the end of the news), the message comes of the Texas Instruments microcontroller that is installed in the batteries and has a unique authentication key.

Without the authentication process, users they are denied access to battery status data, and this implies ignore everything about the autonomy of the device, since we will not even know when it will be charged to the maximum or the remaining percentage of it throughout the day, thus forcing users to go to an official store or authorized supplier to install an official battery.

via: Wccftech

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