Apple: The leaks reveal in advance the price of the iPhone. Will AirPower arrive?

by Kelvin
Apple: The leaks reveal in advance the price of the iPhone. Will AirPower arrive? 1

Just hours before the official unveiling of the new iPhone iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max model, smartphone prices have leaked.

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Similarly the iPhone 11 and Apple Watch 5 watch it | (c) Ben Geskin


(c) Ben Geskin

Apple Three new iPhones are expected today: the iPhone 11iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. And just before the start, the price of this trio has leaked. On Weibo, users have posted an appropriate summary, believed to come from the dealer circle.

Pricing for the iPhone 11 starts at $ 749, while for the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max, each will spend at least $ 999 and $ 1,999.

On Weibo just before Apple Keynote 2019 allegedly leaked prices for the new iPhone 11 (c) Weibo / C 科技

Is AirPower Coming?

In the presentation slides that were also filtered Apple Watch S5, AirPods and AirPower are registered, but no details. The most interesting thing here is the question of whether Apple The AirPower wireless charging system could be surprisingly dismantling tonight. Initially, development stopped in March of this year, due to this And Riccio, senior vice president Apple for hardware development, has confirmed. But in July, the company registered a trademark with the term AirPower for electronic chargers.

We assume that Apple Due to the wishes of customers and also of many competitors, they are currently outperforming themselves with the new fast wireless charging technology and, above all, being forced to move to the maturity of the market, their flagship iPhone 11 smartphone. Another iPhone from USP in very tight competition. Add premium segments in the smartphone market. This is likely to be a universal charging station for products Apple to be marketed, in addition to the iPhone also for AirPods and perhaps even Apple Watch it can be used

Release date for iPhone 11 nothing

From the overview it can be concluded that the iPhone Pro is concluded Apple Pencil will support it. What's interesting about the data in the presentation is that the release date of the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max is called September 20 (it's also been rumored for some time now), but no date is mentioned behind the iPhone 11 model. The price it's cheaper. However, this model is unlikely to launch in time with others.

Neither the authenticity of the slides nor the date they were taken can be verified at this time. We will surely check prices and availability until the following night Apple Keynote 2019, which starts at 19.00.

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Source: Weibo

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