Apple: Trademark application for the term "Slofie"

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Apple: Trademark application for the term "Slofie"

Some have during the Apple-Keyonote smiled at it as Apple presented the slow-motion selfie videos on the iPhone 11 using the phrase "Slofie (s)". But that was no joke: Apple Actually calls the features like that and now wants to protect it as a trademark.

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> With this video presented Apple the new "Slofie" function of the iPhone 11 in front. | Screenshot: Areamobile

No, it was not a joke. Apple The new 120 fps video that is possible with the front camera of the iPhone 11 is actually called "Slofie." We remember: During the presentation of the new video features showed Apple a keynote video featuring a teenage girl with her hair blown away in slow motion. When the camera pulls back, you can see that she is sitting in her room and her little brother blows her face with a hairdryer, which she gives instructions to.

Most people thought that the term "slofie", the Apple used during the presentation, was only spontaneously said. But far from it: just as the corresponding modes of the front and the rear camera in the new iPhone 11 are called. The company wants to protect the term.

Trademark application by Apple

Apple has applied to the USPTO for the term "slofie" in the sense of "downloadable computer software for use in capturing and recording video". Thus, the iPhone manufacturer wants to largely prevent app developers and mobile phone manufacturers can use the term for their own features.

Apple has filed a trademark application for the term "Slofie" with the US Patent Office (USPTO). | Screenshot: Areamobile

Although designated Apple These clips outside his marketing for the new iPhones not as "Slofies", but apparently does not want to be caught unprepared, should the name prevail. If other manufacturers take over the concept, then they would have to come up with a different name for their slow-mo-selfie videos.

Source: Digital Trends, The Verge via USPTO

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