Apple want to continue protecting our privacy

by Kelvin

Since Apple It has always been wanted not only to promulgate privacy on their devices but they have also boasted of it in various advertising spots and campaigns with banners such as those that arrived a few weeks ago in Germany. And although this privacy has recently been questioned with the controversy of Siri, since Cupertino want to strengthen security in iOS 13 with new measures against Facebook and WhatsApp. Here we tell you all the details.

iOS 13 will prevent data collection in the background

Unfortunately, in recent months several cases of third-party applications that illegally collected data on both iOS and Android devices have come to the fore. In Apple they acted fast at all times removing those applications from their App Store and now try to shield the user from this series of violations with a iOS 13 that promises to be much safer in this and other aspects.



In Facebook Y Whatsapp we will see important measures by Apple with its new operating system, as The Information recently reported. These two apps have features such as make calls over the internet, and precisely from these calls collect data in the background.

With the launch of iOS 13, presumably in September, applications such as those mentioned will have restricted background data collection and therefore it is known that their performance in these cases will be limited only to allow users to make calls over the internet. So developers will have to accept these new conditions or eliminate these functionalities if they are not satisfied, although this is unlikely since it would generate unnecessary controversy with users.

It should be noted that since Facebook They told the aforementioned media The Information that they were not collecting data in the calls made by users, but instead used an API with which they try to improve the service. However this explanation seems not to be convincing for Apple and will continue with the new security measures in iOS 13.

The case of WhatsApp is similar but not the only one that accompanies Facebook and is that other apps like Snapchat, Wechat and even Telegram You will see how access to certain functions in the background will be restricted in the very near future with those iPhone that update to iOS 13. Also in iPadOS it is known that these measures will arrive, since in the end both systems share very good part of their code.