Apple Watch by early 2015, confirmed by Apple

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Apple Watch by early 2015, confirmed by Apple 1

Apple update the website of Apple Watch and is more accurate with its release

For the first time, since it was announced, it has appeared on the official website of the Apple Watch the first reference on the launch of the long-awaited device, if it first appeared in 2015, generically, Now the boys of the Californian firm are more precise with the arrival of the smartwatch.

Apple Watch by early 2015, confirmed by Apple 2

Confirmed the arrival of Apple Watch at the beginning of 2015

As we already know the Apple Watch It is one of the most anticipated news of Apple for 2015 and although it is a story that the rumors had already confirmed for a long time, it is now official that the expected Apple Watch it won't take long to arrive since It has been the same Apple the one in charge of making reference about the availability of her new smart watch for the beginning of 2015.

So far the rumors not only made reference for their arrival in early 2015, but have also given a specific release date, in this case The suggested release date is February 14, the famous Valentine's Day, a probable move by the Californian firm to make users give away their new wereable device that day.

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Regarding the price of the new Apple Watch only the base price is known for the simplest devices, which starts at $ 349, although there is no confirmation in regard to the price of devices of a "higher range" such as the model that will be made in gold, for which it is rumored that it could cost up to $ 5000, although There are many jewelers who have denied this amount and have said that the maximum price for the most expensive model could be around $ 1,200, nothing cheap but cheaper than what was said at the beginning.


Apple Watch by early 2015, confirmed by Apple 3

Apple prepares for the launch of Apple Watch and the developers too

Of course Apple is preparing everything to make a great release of its expected Apple WatchIn fact, since last November the developers have already been able to start working on the development of specific applications to work with the smart watch and the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or iPhone 5s.

You are going to buy the Apple Watch after your departure or you prefer to wait for the next generations of the smartwatch of Apple.

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