Apple Watch: one reason to buy it and another to wait

by Kelvin

The arrival of Apple Watch and the doubt about buying it or not

The Apple Watch It is the new smart watch of the Cupertino company, the first new device of the company in several years. The proposal tries to be revolutionary in the market, but from we tell you the most important reason to buy the Apple Watch and another to wait for a future version. It is important to keep in mind that in the end the user is the one who chooses.

Apple Watch: one reason to buy it and another to wait 5

The hammer test

The iPhonefixed people got a sapphire screen from the Apple Watch and carried out different resistance tests to see if the sapphire panel really resisted scratches with coins, keys, sandpaper and even a hammer.


The people of Apple you must be very happy, the sapphire screen chosen for the models Apple Watch Y Apple Watch Edition is very tough and survived the extreme tests performed by the iPhonefixed guys without any scratches. The model Apple Watch Sports has no sapphire screen, being a more economical edition they opted for a more economical material, Ion-X crystal.

Yes the resistance of Apple Watch It is the main reason to buy the device, the arrival of Google on the scene could become a reason more than enough to wait. A new image of Android Wear with a lost FaceTime call makes us look forward to the possibility that Android smart watches are compatible with iOS.

Apple Watch: one reason to buy it and another to wait 6

This possibility should not like at all to Apple, and we must see if the Cupertino company takes any action, but for now what there is is a strong work of Google engineers to achieve the best compatibility of Android Wear with the mobile operating system of Apple.

In its current state of development, Android Wear works with an accompanying app on the iPhone and has support for basic functions such as notifications. It also works with Google Now cards, voice search function and other voice controls and actions.

Peeble smart watch models have managed to work with both Android and iOS, so the idea that Android Wear is compatible with iOS is not so crazy, what is not entirely clear is if Apple Accept this measure as it goes directly against your interests with your new smart watch, the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch: one reason to buy it and another to wait 7

The final decision is from the user

The decision to buy the Apple Watch just depend of you. It is a very resistant device and the App Store available Apple Watch in Spain that Apple has approved to get the most out of the watch and the iPhone, but it also may not be the only way to link your iPhone to a smart watch, the second option is to opt for an Android Wear, as long as they become compatible with iOS, or even wait for the second generation of Apple Watch.

Are you one of those who will buy the Apple Watch just leave Or are you from the group you prefer to wait for?

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