Apple Watch, some of the things you will not be able to do

by Kelvin
Apple Watch, some of the things you will not be able to do 1

Discover the 10 things you can't do with the new Apple Watch

As we know, the smart watch or smartwatch of Apple, also known as the Apple Watch, will debut in the coming months and to be more exact, expected to arrive during spring 2015. Meanwhile, application developers are currently working on the development of their own applications that will take full advantage of the new device. However, this device it will have its limitations and there will be many things you cannot do, let's see what they are.

Apple Watch, some of the things you will not be able to do 2

The first version of Apple Watch will have many limitations

The first version of Apple Watch It is getting closer to reaching all users and there is already some information about this device that will help us know what you can and cannot do. Then we leave you with some of the things that he Apple Watch can't do.


You will not be able to scrolling

Although some may seem incredible, according to what has been seen, at least for now Apple does not foresee the possibility that users can scrolling in the applications of their new smartwatch, or sliding your finger on the screen, as we can do on the iPhone or iPad, or using the digital wheel.

Force Touch Capado for App Developers

According to what he said Apple, Force Touch is the most important interaction functionality after inventing the Multi Touch. This is a new level of interaction between the user and the device which allows the watch the ability to perceive the level of force used to press on the screen. This feature, in third-party applications, will only serve to display a context menu.

Single-sided communication

Everything that is shown through the Apple Wach is decided, developed and rendered by the iPhone, including animations. This means that the Apple Watch It is not, and will not be for a long time, a device capable of replacing a telephone.

Apple Watch, some of the things you will not be able to do 3

Problems with heart monitoring

The sensor that measures the heart rate or heart rate monitor, which is integrated into the clock Apple will work solely and exclusively with the software and services of Apple, preventing developers from taking advantage of this.

Unwanted vibrations

The boys of the Californian firm have included in the Apple Watch the new touch feedback engine which vibrates after the commands, known as the Taptic Engine, may not be accessible through third-party applications, unless it is for use with Push Notifications. The set of vibrations that the boys of Cupertino have included especially in their new device will be only and exclusively for the applications of Apple.

Microphone functions

In theory, as regards the microphone integrated by Apple This new device will only be used for telephone conversations and for dictating Siri. So other apps can not take advantage of this microphone.

NFC chip payments

As with the iPhone and the iPad, the new NFC chip integrated by the Cupertino boys in the Apple Watch It will not be accessible to third-party applications.

Apple Watch, some of the things you will not be able to do 4

Custom Sound Settings

With the Apple Watch Users will not be able to configure custom sounds for announcements or notifications, on the clock of Apple everything will happen through the vibrations, which may not always be a sufficient warning for the user.

No In-App Purchases

At the moment the applications will work in the Apple Watch With all its functions. This does not rule out that in the future it is possible that In-App purchases can arrive and that they are able to unlock advanced and dedicated features specifically for the watch.

Individual connection

Although this should not be a problem, it is a reality, in this case the Apple Watch It can work with only one iPhone at a time, so connection to several devices is discarded at the same time.

We already know that it is the first version of Apple Watch and, of course, has its advantages and disadvantages. What is clear is that over time Apple You can improve this device in a way that will include new features and options, hopefully many of these are some of those described above.

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