Apple Watch Why shouldn't you shower with him?

by Kelvin
Apple Watch Why shouldn't you shower with him? 1

Tim Cook ensures that it is possible to shower with the Apple Watch

One of the things that the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has repeatedly highlighted the Apple Watch, before the commercialization of the device began, it is the possibility of being able to shower with the device placed on the wrist. However, it seems that a blogger tried to test this feature with the new smart watch from Apple and according to your experience this can bring some unforeseen events.

Apple Watch Why shouldn't you shower with him? 2

The Apple Watch IPX7 certified

As commented by this blogger from the famous website iDownloadBlog, after the device suffered a severe water fall, it seems that the precious liquid has leaked over the speaker and the clock microphone making it unusable when activating Siri, in addition to offering a sound of poor quality.


Fortunately, then the blogger himself has been able to confirm that at the time the clock dried everything returned to normal, however the problem is latent. This puts the spotlight on the issue of whether The device is really waterproof, a characteristic that clearly does not seem to be ready at all within the objectives to fulfill that belong to Apple Watch.

According to what he says Apple through its official website, The smart watch of the Californian firm is IPX7 certified so that the resistance of the product to some situations that can be faced during the day, such as sweat and rain, things that are punctual but not a continuous flow of pressurized water, such as a shower and much less a bathroom.

Definitely shouldn't shower with the Apple Watch

Despite what Tim Cook has said, the boys of the Californian firm specify that it is not convenient to shower, dive, swim, bathe or expose the Apple Watch steamed or sauna. For this reason, unless it is something accidental, it is better that the watch is not exposed to such situations, it may probably seem sad to some users, although it is not really worth the risk.

Of course many will say that it was seen coming, however it is better not to subject the device to these situations after what it costs and after the latent possibility that it stops working.

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