Apple will chase you with a notification if the iPhone 11 reset screen …

by Kelvin
Apple will chase you with a notification if the iPhone 11 reset screen ... 1

We know how Apple Rather conservative in terms of repairs related to your device. Because iPhone 8 does not work with parts supplied directly by Apple You encounter problems such as disabling system security features, and for example on iPhone XR and XS, "death" is forced by True Tone if the panel is not repaired. with specific tools


This trigger to turn off automatic brightness also exists on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max, and well, you better take better care of your screen: if you make improvements with a third-party panel, the Cupertino giant will not only know, it will make sure to constantly warn you.

It was discovered that when iOS 13 detect, in this new generation smartphones, that the screen is invalid, a message begins to appear in the notification bar, warning that it is not possible to confirm that the screen is genuine. Think of it as a notification from Windows in the form of a watermark, except that this warning disappears after 96 hours.

Then install yourself on the main setup screen and stay there for 15 days. After that, you finally entered the "About" option which provides hardware details.

Point Apple This is clear: not only to inform consumers that screens are no longer legitimate, but to encourage them to improve official brands. The reasons vary, from guaranteeing that the device works perfectly according to the company's quality standards, to guaranteeing the marketing around it. smartphones Do not experience negative reactions to anyone, for example, when reviewing a friend's iPhone and not being impressed with the color quality, saturation and other beauties of this screen.

Remember, a new iPhone has been approved in Brazil and will launch on October 18. Are you risking the price? Let us know in the comments!

(Updated October 1, 2019 20:24)

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