Apple will give gift cards to users who change their Android phones for iPhone

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Apple will give gift cards to users who change their Android phones for iPhone 1

Apple wants to exchange Android and BlackBerry devices for gift cards to new iPhone users

In a new initiative to try to promote the sale of iPhone devices, Apple It is beginning to lay the foundations for an exchange and recycling system for Android devices. The objective is to accept the exchange of Android and BlackBerry devices for gift cards that the user can use when buying a new iPhone.

Apple will give gift cards to users who change their Android phones for iPhone 2

Store employees Apple they will value the Android devices that they will exchange for Gift Cards

Apple wants to encourage the change of platform from Android, the operating system most used in mobile devices, towards its own iOS platform. The system would be quite similar to the one used to buy a newer iPhone model, store employees Apple They will be responsible for putting a price on the devices offered in relation to its aesthetic and functional state and with that money users will receive a gift card that you can use to buy a new iPhone without spending so much on money.

The program will start working in the coming weeks after the employees themselves are trained in different aspects now, in addition to changing devices Apple, they will also have to make changes and ratings for Android and BlackBerry OS devices. The employees will be in charge of migrating the contact information to the new device to save headaches for users who do not have so much experience with mobiles. The rest of the information has to be migrated by the client himself so that there is no interference with the privacy of his messages and contents.

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The original iPhone Recycling and Reuse Program It started operating in mid-2013 and aimed to encourage users to upgrade their older iPhone devices to newer versions, such as the iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. Over the years Apple It has offered different update events so that its clients are updated with benefits and this mechanism has been extended from the United States to new countries such as Canada, Australia and other countries of the European continent. The results have been very positive for family sales Apple and that is why now they begin to analyze the possibility of making exchanges also with competitive models.

Apple will give gift cards to users who change their Android phones for iPhone 3

The recycling program of Apple for Android devices arrives to promote the purchase of iPhone

Last summer there was a campaign focused on the new iPad model, but this version is not available worldwide so it was much more limited. However, the idea of ​​making exchanges with Android models will be applied worldwide because there are numerous devices and manufacturers that work with the Google operating system so to get it out of the market you have to encourage initiatives like this

Will this form of update work to promote iPhone's Apple?

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