Apple will offer a new "hacker friendly" iPhone

by Kelvin

Added to the expansion of its rewards program, Apple announced in Black Hat that it will offer a new iPhone model hacker friendly. The company announced the program iOS Security Research Device in which a device will be delivered to security experts in order to make it easier to discover vulnerabilities.

Ivan Krstić, Head of Engineering and Security Architecture at Applehe said that these iPhone are not the same as those sold to the general public, since they have specific options for developers to find hardware or iOS failures.


These devices They are average between development and production models. It is not an iPhone with jailbreak, per se, but a more limited phone that offers ssh, root shell and advanced debugging capabilities.

Apple will offer a new "hacker friendly" iPhone 3

According to Krstić, the new program consists of an unprecedented iOS security research platform. Apple the open to anyone with a good reputation in security research on any platform

Some days ago Forbes reported that Apple I would have already offered these iPhones to some hackers who participate in the bug rewards program. The phones would allow actions such as inspecting memory or checking behavior when trying to attack the iOS code.

Apple revealed that the new security program will be available in 2020. It is expected that the company performs a detailed inspection of all those interested in acquiring one of these phones, and that it maintains full control so that the devices do not fall into bad hands.

The truth is This iPhone model will not be as open as a development device, one of the most quoted variants on the black market for those desperately looking to hack the phone of Apple.

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