Apple will stop selling iPhone 7 and 8 in Germany to appeal its p

by Kelvin

A court of Germany has been the protagonist of a new sentence in favor of Qualcomm in the legal disputes that they currently have with Apple. In China the sale of iPhone for patent infringement and in Germany the case will also occur, since Apple would be banned when selling iPhone other than this year's models.

As reported by Reuters, Apple would have been convicted of patent infringement in the same way as in China and would be in big trouble to be able to sell their iPhone that have technology Qualcomm. This will have no immediate effect if Apple he appeals the sentence, which they will do, but it is still a blow to the company of Tim cook, which says goodbye to the year.

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Apple has issued a statement to the CNBC stating that while they appeal, the iPhone 7 and 8 will no longer be for sale in Germany Stop avoiding major problems with Qualcomm. β€œThe campaign they are conducting (Qualcomm) is a desperate attempt to distract us from the real problems between our companies & rdquor ;, has declared Apple, which still hopes to hear more judgments from different countries.

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