Apple would launch a new iPhone SE in spring of 2020 similar to the iPhone 8

by Kelvin
Apple would launch a new iPhone SE in spring of 2020 similar to the iPhone 8

Today the range of options to choose from if you want a small mobile is certainly limited. There is not much to choose from and one of the manufacturers that always launched a compact option, as it is Apple, stopped manufacturing them last year. Now, the apple firm is back in the news thanks to some new rumors that talk about the launch of a new iPhone SE in 2020,

Remember that the iPhone SE was launched in 2016, a mobile of only 4 inch which recovered the essence of the oldest iPhone but adapted to the demands of the moment.


The iPhone SE of 2020 would be a little larger, looking like the iPhone 8

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According to rumors, the new iPhone SE would look more like the iPhone 8, so we would be facing a device 4.7 inches with the classic iPhone design, instead of emulating the new line that was established with the arrival of the iPhone X and successors. This means that the physical button with Touch ID would return and who knows if it will adapt Face ID technology in the upper frame (space would be left over).

Internally, it is expected to include the latest processor of the moment, the A13 chip that will incorporate the imminent iPhone 11 and brothers. Although, yes Apple It follows exactly the same line as with the iPhone SE, it would arrive with an A12, a chip behind its latest release.

And is that one of the main reasons for Apple to launch an iPhone SE in 2020 would be set the sales bases, as analyst Eddie Han points out in Kotaku, as the company has had a somewhat hard year as far as competition is concerned. And it is true; its sale of terminals has decreased in the last financial year, which jeopardizes its third position as manufacturer of smartphones Which sells more.

The iPhone SE was a very interesting device for both those who wanted a really compact mobile and those who wanted a «cheap» iPhone, since it was the most economical terminal in the manufacturer's catalog. With more and more iPhone that rub or enter the € 1000, a somewhat more affordable launch could refresh the numbers of Apple.

The rumors of a new iPhone SE have always been there … and have never materialized

rumors about the iPhone SE 2

Since the iPhone SE was launched, we have echoed the main rumors that predicted a renewal of the small family (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). And what experience dictates to us is that all the rumors of a new iPhone SE are false – we have this internal joke about it.

However, we hope that Apple open a gap in the market of smartphones Small and offer an attractive alternative for an audience that, according to what you see on a day-to-day basis, seems to be a tad full of such large mobiles.

Via: 9to5Mac

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