Apple You can now sell online in India, will it help improve iPhone sales?

by Kelvin

A new Bloomberg article indicates that Apple It is very close to closing an agreement regarding the opening of its online sales in India.

The region seems to have relaxed its strict rules of establishing 30% of the production in the country to open stores Very good news for Apple, which by the way saw how its sales fell considerably) ( in India.


Specifically, the company of the bitten apple sold less than one million units of iPhone across the country. So this initiative is expected to boost sales for the apple firm.

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Apple and the rules of the Hindu government

India is facilitating or lowering some of its requirements so that foreign companies can market in their official stores in the country. The finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman He mentioned that these rules would be softened soon, but he would not share more details on the matter.

Although Apple It has facilities for the manufacture of different iPhone models in the country, they did not reach the 30% rule of local production to open stores.

As of now, India has softened the rules and will allow the export to count as part of the requirements. Apple start selling products like iPhone, iPad and Mac "in the coming months." Meanwhile, they keep trying to carry out their plans to open your first store in Mumbai. Something that will probably happen during the next year 2020.

Users in India who were trying to buy a product on the official website of Apple, were invited to find an authorized seller by clicking on the "Buy" button. This will stop happening soon in the region.