AppleAnnounces iPhone 11 Promotion Date

by Kelvin
AppleAnnounces iPhone 11 Promotion Date

Apple, iPhone 11officially announced when it will be introduced. AppleWhen the special event will be finalized. New iPhone models will be introduced on the date of the launch of leaks came true.

Apple, new iPhone models in California on September 10 Apple ParkSteve Jobs Theater will introduce. At launch Apple'of iPhone 11is expected to introduce a total of three new iPhone models, the iPhone 11 Max and the iPhone 11R.

iPhone 11Mate 20 Pro's camera design is one of the similar leaks. You remember that the famous YouTuber Marques Brownlee looked at the clone version of the newly introduced iPhone 11, and the camera design of the new iPhone attracted a lot of attention.

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In the new iPhone, we can see the color options that we don't see in other iPhone models. In the invitation mail sent to journalists Apple logo has more than one color.

Finally iPhone 11's future with Touch ID technology embedded in the screen. In addition to the new iPhone models at the launch of a brand new Macbook model and Apple Watch models are also expected to be introduced.

According to leaks, new Macbook Pro The model will come with a refurbished keyboard that will be 16 inches and will be of high quality. New Apple Watch The models come in two different variations, both 40mm and 44mm. According to leaks, both models will have both a ceramic case and a titanium case.

Appleof on September 10 in Instagram Account Apple Steve Jobs Theater Park at the launch iOS 13, Apple Updates on TV + and Arcade are also expected to be shared. All the leaked features of the iPhone 11 connection out of reach.

To be introduced on September 10 Apple products will tell you about all the developments. Stay tuned!