Apple’S Bug Bounty Program is now open to all


We imagine that many big tech companies put their products through a lot of testing before deciding that it's good enough to be released to the masses. However, most of the time, we have seen many product launches where bugs were discovered that went undetected during beta testing.

This is why there are bug bounty programs, where companies reward the public for spotting bugs that might have been missed. Now it seems that Apple's own bug bounty program has been opened to everyone. Previously, the company had a bug bounty program, but it was an invitation-only program.


This decision was criticized as it suggested that those who were not invited might be tempted to sell their discovery to governments and other companies that could take advantage of these mistakes to try to enter Apple’S products and software. Now that the program is open to everyone, I hope this is no longer the case, especially since Apple is offering rewards of up to $ 1 million in rewards.

“Our priority is to resolve confirmed issues as quickly as possible to better protect customers. Apple offers public recognition for those who submit valid reports, and will match rewards payment donations with qualifying charities. ” If you are interested in helping Apple solve your problems and earn some money while you do it, you can head over to Apple's bounty bug website for the details

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