AppleWhy didn't the 5G feature on the iPhone 11?

by Kelvin
AppleWhy didn't the 5G feature on the iPhone 11?

Yesterday at the event iPhone 11 Introducing the series Apple, new models 5G not attracting attention to the network technology. This step is in everyone's minds. "Apple, why not support these models 5G did not place? "

The biggest of the year mobile revolutions 5G, one of which is available in certain countries and operators. Internet of Things This technology, which has a very important place for great innovations It offers. Yesterday iPhone 11th, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max introducing models Applehas not introduced a model that supports this technology.

When we think that Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, OnePlus and even LG have announced 5G announcements and Sony is working on it, one big question comes to mind: Apple why is that left behind? Let's look at some of the reasons for the delay.


AppleWhy didn't the 5G feature on the iPhone 11? 2

AppleBefore using a technology as its general policy, sitting well enough And he wants to know he won't be a problem. In this way, the company from the first iPhone models, 5G technology to use in suitable time He may not have thought that. The result is a considerable amount of this technology. additional at the cost Available. However, primary reason may not can also say.

research company From Counterpoint Research Neil Shah, Apple'of in-house adopt leading technologies if not developed that delay it states. Shah, however, in the adoption of 5G with extra problems encounter, he says. In this process, the company, which is frequently 5G modem highly subdued and at this time he had lost considerable time.

Especially Qualcomm having problems with other companies due to cases Appleso that you can postpone had to. 5g to middle segment processors, and costs will fall Considering the explanations, we can say that an important race has begun.

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