Application to organize your photos during quarantine

by Kelvin

The current COVID 19 pandemic has led many to do all kinds of tasks that always say "someday I will" or "yes, as soon as I have time". And that's how it feels to be locked up at home, so when you finally learn something new in the kitchen, you clean the house more thoroughly than ever before and how you don't have to make a backup copy of your whole family's phone.

Of course, in this sense you killed two birds with one stone and you started to order all the photos you saved and for that you have several application that lets you organize photos on your PC.


Lightroom and Adobe Bridge

We started with a duet from Adobe's house. Yes, these are paid and you have to spend a month with them. Fortunately, all you have to pay for is Lightroom, as Bridge is the perfect complement to integrating all Adobe applications. To remedy this, Lightroom is an excellent photo editor and also takes photo metadata to organize ISO images, openings or cameras that never hurt. You can also use a 15-day trial, so within those two weeks you may have time to set everything up now.

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Google Photos

Here the application to organize your photos is old contacts. Google Photos is available for both PCs and smartphones of all kinds, so there's no reason not to have it unless you don't like it. This photo gallery is perfect for anyone who is no longer taking the camera on their journey. The best thing about this app is that it organizes itself when you take it to the cloud and it's easy to create folders to store it or tag people who appear when they're friends with you. This is also good because filters are made by both humans and animals, so there's no reason not to use them.

Explorer on your device

This is something you will surely know and that is that your smartphone or computer file explorer, regardless of operating system, is capable of using a search filter where you can place each file by name (not recommended in this case) creation date or modification between parameters another. This is not the most powerful tool, but it can help you with the first screen.

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