Applications to measure distances with your mobile

by Kelvin
Applications to measure distances with your mobile

There are moments in life when you need to measure distance or length, and you don't have any measuring tape at hand. This is where the App to measure distance, they may not be as accurate as any measuring tape, but they will give you a general idea of ​​the length or distance.

In this article, we want to share the best applications in this category with our readers.


Do you want to know how tall this or that building is? Or how far is that boat from the other side of the river?

EasyMeasure is a high quality measurement application available for Android and iPhone devices. It allows you to measure the distance from different objects that the camera lens of your device can capture. Using this application is very simple and intuitive. Simply point your phone towards any object and the application will show the distance between you and that object. It will simply be displayed at the top of the camera screen.

With the help of EasyMeasure, you can even learn the heights of the people around you. The application will also be useful for playing golf. The results can be shared through Facebook, Twitter or by email. You can also save a screenshot with the measurement result if necessary.

It is possible to use a flashlight while measuring if it is too dark.

This application is one of the most popular distance measurement tools for Android. Smart measure It has been downloaded more than 10.0 million times. It supports 12 languages.

With the help of this application and trigonometry laws, you can measure the distance and height of any object on your mobile device. All that is required of you is to aim your camera at the object and press the shutter button. It is important that you aim the camera at the ground, not at the object itself. (For example, to measure a person's distance, they should point to their shoes).


Map-o-meter is a useful tool that allows you to draw any route on the map and measure its distance. Then, when traveling to another city, you can measure the distance on foot between one point and another. Also, when you play golf, you can measure the distance from a hole.

One of the advantages of this application is that it can zoom in and out. The measured distances can be saved on your mobile device.

Distance and area measurement

Activate the application distance and area measurement and start walking or running in any region. While moving, the application will perform area measurements. The distance is also being measured. Make sure your GPS function is active before pressing Start!

This application will not disappoint you. Everything is simple and understandable. If you don't know something, the program will tell you what to do.

The Distance Meter allows you to find out the distance from an object using the autofocus of your camera. Search for the object your camera is tuned to. Point the approach yourself. You can be sure of the precision and accuracy of all measurements.

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