Applications to watch free movies on iPhone and iPad legally

by Kelvin
Applications to watch free movies on iPhone and iPad legally

The mobile phone It has become the perfect tool to do all kinds of operations. It is evident that at first what to think is to make calls with him. But the latest technologies available in the smartphones are allowing us to surf the Internet, talk using an instant messaging application or, directly, display multimedia content. This last possibility is more than interesting and entertaining, since we can see the movies and series that we like more.

But of course, when watching movies on our smartphone you have to keep in mind that there are all kinds of applications, so we have to select not only those that work well, but those that are legal and have a sufficient catalog that fits what we need.


There's a lot Applications, it will be correct to take a look at the ones that best fulfill their main function.

Who doesn't know Netflix? It is an application with a huge catalog that includes all kinds of movies, series and documentaries. We must bear in mind that it is a paid service, although in return we will receive a lot of content that will have us entertained for many hours. In addition, these constantly change with different developments.

Highlight that premieres are not included, although recent films, popular franchises, complete series and documentaries are included. In addition, the platform creates own content that can only be enjoyed in it due to the exclusivity it has. And we can say that these are contents that are very entertaining.

Netflix has a 30 day trial service in which we can evaluate the quality of its operation. Then we can hire one of the plans available, which can be selected according to the quality we want in the materials.

Applications to watch free movies on iPhone and iPad legally 1

My TV works for several years, being an exclusive creation of Mediaset Spain which includes most of the company's contents. Surely you know her more because she owns television channels like Telecinco or FDF. What if, Most programs and series that are broadcast on these are also available in the application.

There is also a live channel in which we can see any of the company's options in real time. These are financed with digital advertising, which can be removed thanks to the Plus subscription. This includes all content on demand, High Definition channels and the 24-hour GH channel, without advertising.

Mitele is an application whose Catalogue It is also constantly renewed and it mainly includes television shows and series. A good entertainment option.

Applications to watch free movies on iPhone and iPad legally 2

The operation of Atresplayer It is exactly the same as Mitele's, but in this case we talk about the contents that belong to the group Atresmedia. The channels of which there are contents are Antena 3, La Sexta and MEGA, among others. As well there are movies, television series and programs.

On the other hand we have to mention the existence of the subscription Atresplayer Premium, which will allow you to see all the contents without advertising.

As already happens in other platforms, Atresplayer's contents are renewed every so often, so we recommend you take a look at their continuous developments.

HBO Spain

Finally we end up with another movie platform, similar to Netflix, and which currently has a very interesting catalog. HBO Spain It focuses on the content provided by the HBO channel, although it must be said that they are constantly being renewed, with many new and very important news that you will like.

The same happens with HBO Spain as with other applications to watch similar movies, that is, its catalog focuses on series and movies, although there are also other content such as documentaries. Anyway, HBO has the exclusiveness about some of them, which means that we can only watch certain series, for example, on their platform.

In order to see the catalog in HBO Spain, it is essential to have a subscription on the platform Check out the features it contains.

Watch movies on mobile

Taking into account the power of the smartphones current, there are dozens of applications that will help us to watch movies on the mobile phone, always legally. Each one has its own catalog, and there are some that even specialize in certain sectors, so you can take a look at the great variety there is.

In any case, tell you that the safest thing is that to enjoy these products you have to pay a subscription, which will give you access to all the contents of the contracted platforms. You have many projects to choose from, but it all depends on the content you want to see. Although they sometimes also have quite powerful characteristics.

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