Apps compatible with the new iOS 8 Widgets for iPhone and iPad

by Kelvin

There are already applications compatible with the new iOS 8 Widgets in the App Store

The arrival of iOS 8 has led to the introduction of new features. Among these we can find the new alternative keyboards available in the App Store, the apps that are compatible with the use of the Touch ID and also the new ones Widgets in the Notification Center. About the latter we will propose a list of applications that already show us information through the Notification Center with Widgets.

Apps compatible with the new iOS 8 Widgets for iPhone and iPad 3

Below you can find the applications that are currently available in the App Store and which are fully compatible with the New iOS 8 Widgets for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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Dropbox allows you to take your photos, documents and videos with you anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save in your Dropbox from all your computers, your iPhone, your iPad or our website. With Dropbox, you will always carry with you your most important memories and your work.


Evernote is a free and easy-to-use application that helps you remember everything on all the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve your productivity. Evernote allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders, and make all these notes searchable, regardless of whether you are at home, at work or traveling.

iTranslate – translator & dictionary

iTranslate is an award-winning translation tool that helps you break down language barriers. With its latest technology you can speak any language in a second.

Duolingo – Learn languages ​​for free

With Duolingo, you learn a completely free language, without commercials or extra charges. You have fun while you learn and advance through the levels. You have the opportunity to translate real texts in the language you are learning while helping to translate the Internet into other languages.

News Republic – All your news, minute by minute

News Republic is the definitive news application with an elegant design, unparalleled news coverage and a simple and attractive interface, optimized for all iPhone and iPad.


Accompany two brave points on your trip through Arctic tundras, indomitable forests and ocean depths. Perfect your skills across 135 challenging levels while discovering lots of interesting features.

Wunderlist: Task List

Wunderlist helps millions of users around the world capture their ideas, pending tasks and places to visit. Whether you share a shopping list with a loved one, or if you work on a project or plan a vacation, Wunderlist makes it easier for you to share your lists and collaborate with the people in your life. Wunderlist instantly synchronizes your phone, tablet and computer so you can access your lists from anywhere.

Wdgts – A Collection of Awesome Notification Center Widgets

Wdgts is a set of very useful and custom-made widgets for iPhone and iPad with iOS 8. This version includes the following 5 widgets: Calculator, Currency Converter, Time Zone, Calendar and Photo Frame.

Yahoo Meteo

Check the weather like never before, only the Yahoo Weather app is able to combine spectacular photos with accurate forecasts for iPhone and iPad.

Sky Guide – Star Map

A guide of stars and constellations fascinating and very easy to use. Point your device at the sky to discover stars, constellations, planets, satellites and many other objects. All ages and levels of experience can enjoy astronomy!

Magisto – Magic Video Editor

Magisto turns your iPhone into the smartest camcorder. Simply record your normal videos and Magisto will automatically transform them into beautifully edited and produced movies, in a few minutes after recording the videos.

Day one (daily)

Record life as you live it. From those events that occur once in a lifetime to the most everyday moments, the elegant interface of Day One makes writing your life a simple pleasure. Capture all your favorite memories and photos with Day One.


This is the most complete time application on the market, in addition, WeatherPro also has a Premium subscription option that takes the service to an even more advanced level.

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