Apps for iPhone and iPad compatible with the Touch ID on the new iOS 8

by Kelvin

Now Apps can use the Touch ID, discover which ones are compatible

Another of the new features included by Apple In the recent release of its new mobile operating system, iOS 8, it has been the possibility that third-party applications can use the Touch ID of the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, as with the Widgets and alternative keyboards, this time we have made a compilation of applications for iOS 8 that use the Touch ID.

Apps for iPhone and iPad compatible with the Touch ID on the new iOS 8 3

Below you can find a list of the applications available in the App Store for iPhone and iPad with iOS 8, which are compatible with the new Touch ID functionality.


Screens VNC – Remote access to your computer

Forget about carrying your computer all day up and down! Screens is an intuitive and powerful VNC and shared screen client that allows you to connect to your Mac or PC with Windows or Linux from the comfort of your home, the corner cafe or any corner of the world.


1Password creates robust and unique passwords for each site, remembers them for you and starts your session with a single press. Try 1Password for free!

Day one (daily)

Record life as you live it. From those events that occur once in a lifetime to the most everyday moments, the elegant interface of Day One makes writing your life a simple pleasure.

Scanner Pro by Readdle

With Scanner Pro you can easily scan documents with your iPhone and iPad, then they can be sent by email or printed, uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, or simply saved on the iPhone / iPad. The application incorporates special algorithms to eliminate shadows and makes the scans sharper, correcting the perspective and making them more readable.


Evernote is a free and easy-to-use application that helps you remember everything on all the devices you use. Stay organized, save your ideas and improve your productivity. Evernote allows you to take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, scan business cards, record voice reminders, and make all these notes searchable, regardless of whether you are at home, at work or traveling.

Discover Mobile

Thanks to the Discover Mobile application you can conveniently manage your Discover account from anywhere directly from your iPhone and iPod Touch. With this application you can check your balance, view your account information, make payments and much more.

LastPass for Premium Customers

LastPass is a password manager that saves your passwords and gives you secure access to them from any computer and mobile device. With LastPass, you will only have to remember one password, the LastPass master password. LastPass will fill in your login data automatically for you and synchronize all your passwords on all occasions that need them.

Have you tried this new Touch ID feature on your device with iOS 8? Do not hesitate to recommend other apps also compatible with this new feature through the comments.