Apps to turn your mobile into a personalized post-vacation alarm clock

by Kelvin
Apps to turn your mobile into a personalized post-vacation alarm clock

Apps to turn your mobile into a personalized post-vacation alarm clock 2

How little the holidays last, right? 2 weeks or 1 month at most flying. One goes away from work with the heat, and returns with the heat. After several days without having to get up early, meet a schedule or be aware of the boss, it's time to return to work. And what is worse: it is time to create a routine to wake up again early. We are going to help you with these apps so you can turn your phone into a personalized alarm clock:


This is one of the best alarm apps in the Play Store. Alarmy, which is available in the Play Store, has a very simple design but what is most striking is that It has different ways to shut down. For example there is the photo mode, in which you join a photo that you have taken to the alarm and until you do not take an identical one again the alarm will not stop ringing. For this reason it is important that it is something you have nearby, such as a toothbrush, a cup or similar. You can also shake the phone or even have to do a mathematical operation if you prefer.


Download Alarmy

I Can’t Wake Up!

It would be the perfect alarm for MECANO lovers. I Can’t Wake Up! (I can not get up) is designed for those who scratch every second they can to not leave the cot. It is among the five apps to wake you up and get back to work routine because it is an app that will play with you through problems, repetition sequences or puzzles among others.

Download I Cant 'Wake Up

Sleep cycle

Sleep Cycle is one of the best known apps to get up. The reason is that It was one of the first to introduce the analysis of a healthy rest. You do not need to have a wearable to evaluate it, just having your smartphone nearby is enough. You will be able to see your statistics and receive tips to sleep better. A) Yes you will wake up more relaxed and go to work in a better mood, although the alarm sounds at the same time every day. This is not free, although its price (almost one euro) is worth it for everything it brings.

Download Sleep Cycle

Buenos dias

Sounds good to be told ‘good morning’ if you get up well accompanied, but with day to day it is something else. Apart from getting up at the time you set, Good Morning will also evaluate the quality of your sleep. Moreover, it will set goals for you to learn to sleep well. The application will know when you are in the slightest phase of sleep so that your return to work is the best possible. It is also free.

Download Good Morning


Our fifth proposal of apps to get up and get back to work routine It's Timely It is free and has one of the best designs from the Play Store. It is integrated with Google, which implies that You can tell your mobile phone in a loud voice what time you have to wake up tomorrow.

Timely Download