Are you going to make an internet plan? Know the best speed for your home

by Kelvin
Vai fazer um plano de internet? Saiba qual é a melhor velocidade para a sua casa 4

Nowadays it is even difficult to decide what is the best internet speed. So we will give you some tips to choose the best option for your home.

With so many plans available in the Brazilian market, it is even difficult to decide what is the best internet speed for your home. Currently, with many online games, streaming from movies and series, social networks, multiple people using the same network, and all of this consuming data, it becomes a difficult task to structure how much data will be spent. To start thinking about it, it is first worth asking three questions:

  1. Which carrier should you choose?
  2. What internet technologies are available in your area?
  3. What speed covers your needs?

Many consumers end up hiring an internet plan with a speed above what they need. The consequence is that they end up paying more than they should and lose the chance to save money. However, the most common is to end up hiring plans that do not adequately meet the real needs of consumers.

Multiple carriers to choose from

You have to decide if you're looking for savings, or if you're willing to spend a little more for better service.

The choice of carrier, ie the provider that will provide the internet service, should be made according to your priorities. You have to decide if you're looking for savings, spend a little more for better service, or even if your specific technology is your priority.

There are several carriers like Net Virtua, Tim Live and Vivo Fiber, which offer fiber optic internet services. Oi Internet, which has several services such as Hi Velox, is considered one of the most affordable broadband operators in the country. It is even worth considering small providers in your city who may end up meeting your demands.

Stay tuned when switching plans

Most operators have a loyalty term of 12 months in their contract. If the service is canceled before the period, there is a chance of a fine being charged – this fine has a very high value. It is therefore important to choose the internet speed plan wisely so that there are no unnecessary headaches.

In the case of large promotions, it is valid to make the paper account and check if the discount in the new plan is greater than the fine to be paid. Sometimes migrating from a lousy service can be a worthwhile outlet. What really matters is your needs as a consumer, and how much you are willing to pay for or get out of a service.

Region Availability

It is worth remembering that it is extremely important to check the availability of services at your address. This is quite crucial as it may end up being hired for an internet service and the company is not available in your area, causing discomfort and headache.

Many regions often do not have Fiber Optic services, for example. THE Tim live It only has operations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Even if so, companies may choose not to sell the package because it is too far from the distribution box, which makes the service not well served.

Choosing the ideal internet speed

Before going directly to the internet speeds themselves, it is worth remembering that the speeds of bundles sold are based on download speed. This means that every time a video is played, a website is accessed, what is being used is the downloadability. If you enjoy a series, watching gameplay on youtube, listening to music, you should focus a lot on that kind of information.

However, every package sold also has the upload speed, which is usually half the download speed. Upload speed is the data that is sent to the network. Email, save photos to Google Drive, post a video on YouTube, These are examples of things that require your ability to upload. People who live or stream games should be aware of the upload speed.

The number of people in the household also counts towards the calculation of the expense. And, as well as the amount, the uses that each member of the residence makes of the internet. People who use social networks and send e-mail tend to consume little internet speed compared to people who play online games.

Check out a list of tips to validate your needs:

  • Moderate consumption (emails, social networks, news blogs): 5MB speed per person;
  • Average consumption (Netflix, YouTube, social networks): 7MB to 10MB speed per person;
  • High consumption (online games, downloads, Netflix): 10MB to 15MB speed per person.

Wifi or cable internet?

there is a very big loss of speed when cable internet is converted to wifiThere is a very big loss of speed when cable internet is converted to wifi

There are many people who think that Wi-Fi is part of the package, but it is not always included. What happens is that companies offer the service as a bonus to customers, usually along with equipment that is assembled at the consumer's residence.

Fact is, there is a very large loss of speed when cable internet is converted to Wi-Fi. wireless It is prone to external barriers, which makes its level of stability very unpredictable. For people who play a lot of online games or even stream games, it is highly recommended to avoid using Wi-Fi.

Precisely for this reason, the consumer does not have the right to complain if the Wi-Fi connection is bad, since it is a bonus and not a contracted package. Some tips to reverse this situation are to ask your service provider to install the latest wireless modem at home, or to use the internet connected directly to your computer whenever possible.

Do the math, put all the data on paper and choose the best internet plan for you! What is the internet speed of your home? Leave it in the comments!

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