Are you looking for someone on the internet? These thirteen websites will help you find it

by Kelvin
Are you looking for someone on the internet? These thirteen websites will help you find it

Are you looking for someone on the internet? These thirteen websites will help you find it

He flips the pages greedily in search of that famous last name that has rumbled in his head for days, and feels the heat running through each fingertip, burning him. Obfuscated, he leaves the volume and goes in search of the white pages, but they are not very helpful either. Surely if you are not part of the so-called generation of digital natives it looks familiar this situation.


Some lines that describe the tedious process to which everyone who wanted to find a person who lacked information beyond a name or a post office box, and a context in which we were supposed to find wind our brains and stockpiling inventiveness and large doses of patience. Fortunately, we currently have multiple tools that expedite the whole matter.


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Peekyou, on the other hand, assures us that we can "discover the most important and relevant people in our lives". A search engine that, instead of two, includes three boxes in which to enter the information that we know: Name, Surname and location of the subject in question. As for the interface it is also intuitive and quite clean.

It is designed to find lost family members, reconnect with friends, find old classmates, find contact information and reconnect with an acquaintance to whom we have lost track. Specifically, what it does is to collect different sources: social networks, news, blogs and websites in general, and so on. It currently has more than 10 million monthly searches and includes a section on trends and recent searches.


Recently lit and under the promise of “the most complete search for people on the web,” Pipl does precisely this: to facilitate the task of finding specific contacts, information social and labor of specific and similar individuals. A service that goes beyond the typical messy entries that we can find on Google.

Its interface and operation do not have too many complications, but the page has a seeker in which we must enter the name, email, username or phone (some basic parameters to start the process) and location (optional but recommended).

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Then, we can find data on social profiles, demographic information about the person, and other related to their education, work environment, images, mentions in the media, and so on. It is also focused on the professional field and has tools for developers.


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To start sweeping the web in search of the person you want to find, in WebMii you just have to fill in a section. A process that you can refine later using keywords and that also includes related people, connection graphics and the possibility of ordering the results by specific social networks

A search engine that, despite its simple operation, is not only designed for individual results and subjects that are of our interest, but also for those who have built a reputation in some area.

To give you an idea, some of the examples included in the home screen are those of Scarlett Johanson, Edward Snowden and Nicolás Maduro. In any case, these are modified on the fly, depending on the searches more popular. In fact, it has a wall of celebrities and rankings of rankings according to their visibility.

Another one of his differences Regarding its competitors, it has a voice search function. You will also find it in mobile version, although for the moment it is only available for devices of the apple firm. Finally, we cannot fail to comment that it is limited to 34 countries, that it is possible to choose to narrow the search.


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Mainly focused on the field U.S, Zabasearch defines itself as a search engine for people. Some individuals that can be found by entering their phone number and / or name; and selecting the state where its located. Once the data has been entered, it will be possible to obtain data such as your telephone numbers and addresses.

Like some of the ones that precede it in this list, it has a section that indicates the most popular searches of the moment. It also has a Premium service in which we will have the option to verify the background, a very useful feature for human resources departments, among others. Now and with respect to its rivals, its interface is somewhat obsolete.


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As for Snitch –in beta and presented as the social white pages-, in addition to filling in the search box with the person's first and last name, you will have to indicate different parameters that will limit the process. Some filters that are located at the bottom of the text box and that include social aspects, professionals, academics, generals, information on blogs, and others as if the person has a criminal record.

Founded in 2008 It also offers consulting services for those companies that wish to know more about their candidates. Refering to way in which you present the results, it does so in the form of small tables with their corresponding links. It is somewhat slower than similar ones, yes.


Search boxes amount to five – name, surname, city, state and telephone (the latter can be changed by address, if known) in People Finders, a site that not only allows people to be found for personal purposes or for the purpose To know more about your life, but also to check background and similar.

It also includes specific sections, access to public records. Of course, it is also centered in the United States. In fact, we have not managed to meet.


Skipease, however, is on the opposite side. Indeed, because it is a complete tool with different integrated motors. For example, it has searches for the web, people search engine and public records search engine, among other sections. It also allows us to find information on criminal records, social media profiles, find Telephone numbers, and much more.

The best are their specific sections, which provide the opportunity to limit the process and find what we want in a much more agile way. However, not all are virtues, because its interface is something "old." It is also worth mentioning that it includes other search engines such as white pages, specific social networks, and even the aforementioned Pipl. An all in one very interesting.


Although Spokeo's operation is practically identical to that of other similar services – it includes search tabs by name, social networks, telephone and physical address of the person – its approach is somewhat different. Yes, because the purpose of the application is to bring people together.

In fact, on his channel YouTube, you will find some of the stories starring users. Something that tries to achieve by the hand of a sweep of white pages, public records, social networks

Criminal Searches

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Somewhat particular is Criminal Searches, focused mainly and as you may have deduced by name, in the background searches criminals His approach is also somewhat alarming and sensational: “Do you really know who people are? A slogan that serves as a starting point that is raised to inquire about neighbors, nannies, janitors, construction workers, school teachers, electricians and plumbers, friends of your children, acquaintances, managers and even activists.

The page even has a section called “watch the neighborhood,” and others to find sex offenders. It also offers two more sections: criminal alerts and statistics. In addition to the search by name, it is possible to enter the person's birthday, age range and location.


The whitepages, meanwhile and while it is something else traditional, they are still a tremendously useful resource when looking for people. Its website includes contact information, telephone numbers, addresses and other information contained in public records and which is collected. Once the initial search is done, it is possible to narrow the age range.

In addition the web has icons that allow us to quickly identify the information That is available. Another feature that characterizes the presentation of the data is that, at the bottom of the list, the background records are also included and it is specified whether records have been found, bankruptcy records, traffic violations and more.

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As for 192, it is a perfect engine to find not only specific people but also electoral lists, reference reports – antecedents for fraud, bankruptcy and other reports -, telephones and companies. Its services are limited to the United Kingdom but it is interesting to know it. In addition, it has specific sections such as: people, companies, places and schools, which will allow you to refine the results.

Most notable, however, is the business search engine that integrates. For more information or help, the platform offers us a Blog specialized with articles in which some basic doubts about its operation are resolved.

NNDB Mapper

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We could not fail to mention NNDB Mapper, a tool different from the previous ones but perfect for finding people and knowing more about them. Specifically, what it does is explore the connections between individuals, linking them through personal relationships, boards of directors, films and television series, political alliances and even “conspiracy groups in the shadow ”, according to its creators.

Also your search box -By name- (we can also do it through the alphabet that they put at our disposal at the top of the web), it integrates a drop-down in which several options are included: all names, dead people, names of bands, titles of books, full text, people who live, etc.


Finally, it is worth mentioning another specific search engine: Family Search. A tool that aims to gather relatives who, for reasons of life, have been separated, mothers who gave their children up for adoption and the like. It also allows you to connect generations, look for ancestors In historical records, discover stories that have been made possible through your service, and so on. You will also find it available for iOS and Android.

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Are you looking for someone on the internet? These thirteen websites will help you find it 1

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