Argentina and Chile meet in the final of the "Copa Libertadores" League of Legends – 08/31/2019

by Kelvin
Argentina and Chile meet in the final of the "Copa Libertadores" League of Legends - 08/31/2019

Electronic sports in the region have their eyes on the Final of the Latin American League of the video game League of Legends. The regional tournament that resembles the Copa Libertadores football format comes to an end with the best exponents of Argentina and Chile in the Monumental Colosseum, the Talcahuano Turtle, a small town north of the trans-Andean country that was punished in 2019 by a tsunami.

From 15.30 in Argentina, the national credit Isurus Gaming will face the local All Kinghts in a series of the best of 5 matches that will determine the champion of the Clausura tournament and, in addition, he will receive the honor of representing the region in the most important electronic sports tournament in the world: Worlds 2019, the League of Legends World Championship, This year it will be held in Paris, France.


"It is a very strong moment because a cycle is closed. We have broken our soul because of the world dream, to take the team to another level in Latin America. We are very happy with all that we have done and having reached this point gives us a lot of pride, "he told Juan Cyterszpiler to Clarín, son of the remembered representative of Diego Maradona and sports director of Isurus Gaming, in the previous one of the grand final in Talcahuano.

On the other side, the Chilean team All Knights has an Argentine among its quintet of League of Legends players. Rioja Leandro Marcos, known as "Newbie" in the videogame community, who plays the support role, was confident of facing his former team: "While Isurus Gaming was my home for a long time, it is a surpassed stage. Today I want to beat him and leave him out of the cup to be able to travel to the League of Legends World Cup, "he said.

League of Legends, also known by its acronym as "LOL", is one of the most played PC games in the world with more than 100 million people actively. It is a real-time strategy game that mixes role elements with a frantic competition challenge.

Before starting the games, the players choose a champion -personage- from a catalog consisting of 145 characters, each of them has special abilities that makes them unique. It is played in teams composed of five people and the objective is to defeat the enemy structures.

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