Around the world on 80 webcams: see the whole world with this website

by Kelvin
Around the world on 80 webcams: see the whole world with this website

Around the world on 80 webcams: see the whole world with this website 2

Frank Sinatra sang "it's so nice to go on a trip". And for many it is. Traveling is something that can be done in the traditional way as it is by choosing a destination, reserving a room, tickets for the chosen means of transport, deciding the best route if we are driving, etc. Or also the adventurous / backpacker, who is taking the suitcase or bundling the duffel bag and adventure, to make auto-stop, go by bicycle or in any way and meet the world without more.

The whole world in real time

There are those who love to travel, but for reasons such as work, family or income, they can only do so during their vacations or directly cannot, which leads to frustration over the unfulfilled desire. But even if it's annoying and bitter, we can fill that lack with little tricks and take 10-minute mini-vacation in the dream destination we will soon or never go to. How? Through a gadget that is a source of division between those who hate being under constant surveillance and those who approve them to feel more secure: Urban webcam


Are we in the middle of a m **** Monday and would like to escape to the Fontana di Trevi in Italy? Or how about spending 5 minutes between meeting and meeting in Las Vegas, in a beach of the Maldives at dusk or on board a catamaran in the waters of Tenerife? Well you can, we can all, you only need a device with an Internet connection in which to open a web browser and enter the address, a web page that collects dozens of urban webcams installed all over the world that are broadcasting in real time and allow us to see what happens thanks to the magic of Streaming.

Around the world in 80 clicks

With a constant broadcast 24 hours a day, the choice is ours, and depending on the mood we may want to see the panorama of the city that never sleeps from a New York skyscrapers, or the Northern Lights live on the fishing village of Henningsvaer in the archipelago of Norway. Maybe the sunrise in the Italian Dolomites, the rain right now in the Puerta del Sol of Madrid? Or the majesty of the very same Petra facade in Jordan with its background noise and the movement of people. As we say the whole world within reach of the mouse.

And although it is not even the same as being physically in those places, the idea of ​​seeing them in real time brings us closer to the time that takes us a little away from the boring reality. If by chance the camera of the site itself is disconnected, the web will offer you a 'timelapse' to delight you with the passage of time at ultra-fast speed.

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