Arrest suspect of DDoS attacks against WoW servers

by Kelvin
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A few weeks ago a Blizzard representative announced that the services of World of warcraft were "negatively impacted" by a DDoS attack. Now the game developers confirmed the identification and arrest of the suspect in these attacks.

The WoW Community Manager, Kaivax, wrote an update in the original post stating that “immediately after the Denial of Service Attack against our game began, the Blizzard Security Team worked all day with local and international law enforcement agencies to track the source of the DDoS. ”


They added what “in a few days, the authorities were able to successfully identify and arrest a suspect. We really appreciate your patience and understanding. ” Although there are no details on this, Blizzard said "we wanted to return to this issue and give it a close" in what seems an issue has already been resolved.

The first reports of players about failures in WoW Classic servers began on September 7. The next day Blizzard received another DDoS attack, which also affected the Overwatch game. These attacks caused players to be kicked from their games despite being able to enter them correctly.

Interestingly, the Rainbow Six Siege game by Ubisoft was also the target of several DDoS attacks this week, since the launch of Ember Rise. The study confirmed that The bans related to these attacks will be permanent. Hopefully this news can dissuade any user from performing this kind of attacks.

What do you think is the right punishment for this hacker?

Source: PCGamesN

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