Artificial Intelligence monitors politicians distracted by smartphones

by Kelvin
Políticos distraídos com smartphones

Belgian artist project uses artificial intelligence to identify politicians distracted by smartphones during sessions in parliament, drawing attention on social media

Anyone who turns on the TV Senate during a parliamentary session will see a curious detail in some of the participants: politicians distracted by smartphones. Already known cause for criticism on the internet, now the act can be identified even more easily, thanks to a Belgian artist who, with the help of artificial intelligence (AI), manages to mark and identify the percentage of time the individual is on the cell phone .

How AI identifies distracted politicians with smartphones

The artist, who is called Dry Depoorter, created a software that from the use of machine learning and IA, makes facial recognition on every politician who is found with a smartphone in hand, in videos of old sessions present in the YouTube. Videos of parliamentarians caught in the act are posted on Twitter and Instagram, in the profile “The Flemish Scrollers“, probably already generating a good deal of discomfort and attempts at justification (“it was an emergency”) for them — and laughter and demands from voters.


However, like all IA that appears in our world, important questions about its use are already being raised. After all, as much as it is currently only being used with politicians, nothing prevents the software from being used in the future within companies or other places to identify employees who are using their smartphones instead of working or paying attention in a meeting. In the end, it once again gets into the question of employee monitoring, and how it will actually be used.

At the same time, as AI is currently only being used to identify politicians, it is likely that regulatory measures for its use will soon emerge.

Check out one of the videos made by the project below:

Source: The Next Web

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