As I do? Cannot play Android video: Solution

by Kelvin

The message that says: Android video cannot be played turns out to be more common for mobile phones. It can appear when you want to play a video by Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram. This causes annoyance and more curiosity to see what the video contains. It is clearly a problem; However, all problems have a solution, so read on to find out what it is.

Do youAnd if you can't play the Android video on WhatsApp?

Cannot play the video in whatsapp common error


It is possible that when you receive a video on the WhatsApp you cannot play it and the warning that it cannot be played on the Android mobile appears. Many times it happens because the video is sent from an iPhone.

This is because the necessary CODECS are not installed on the Android terminal. To play a video from any platform it is necessary that the cell phone has a series of decoding tables. And also of interpretation of the formats. The same goes for extension videos AVL, MOV, WMV, MPG, etc.

Sometimes it happens that only the audio of the video is heard but not seen or vice versa. Both sound and images must be in a format that the device is able to interpret and reproduce.

Choose a good video player

If you cannot play an Android video, the solution is to download a player that reads several formats. When you search for one, you will get countless players. Whichever you choose you must take into account: the formats, the CODECS, the size and the streaming.

VLC for Android: The solution to the problem

On Google Play you can download a video player that is compatible with many formats. The most recommended is, VLC for Android. Find it in the store and download it, it does not have an excessive size (it weighs about 14 MB).

Once the process is finished, open WhatsApp and try to open the video that cannot be seen. When what player you want to use appears, touch the VLC and press the “Always” button to make it the default option. The message “Android video cannot be played” will no longer be the reason for your frustration.

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