Asus updates motherboards compatible with the Windows 11

by Kelvin
Asus updates motherboards compatible with the Windows 11

Like Windows 11 closer and closer, motherboard makers prepare for Microsoft’s new operating system. This week, China’s Asus began releasing firmware with support for the future software.

The company has unveiled a list of compatible chipsets, including AMD and Intel processors, that will receive support for Windows 11. In this case, all models come with Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 module.


As of August 3rd, Asus has been releasing new firmware versions for the chipsets listed above. On its official website, the company has also added new motherboard models to the list of compatibles with the Windows 11.

According to the information, the new BIOS will automatically enable the TPM on AMD systems or Platform Trust Technology (PTT) in the case of Intel processors. These factors make it possible to correctly install the new operating system.

The update is not yet available for all motherboards, as the products are still undergoing final testing and validation. For parts that have already received firmware, the changelog update brings the message “WIN 11 support installed or updated”.

Find out if firmware is available for your motherboard

Asus’ official website has published a complete list of motherboards and firmware download link. This makes it possible to identify if the chipset has received the new BIOS compatible with the Windows 11.

The suggestion is to use the “Ctrl + F” command on the page and type in the template to find it quickly. For AMD system users, it is important to choose the “AMD Platform” tab before performing the search.

If the person does not know the device’s motherboard, it is possible to consult this data by accessing the “System Information” tab in the Control Panel. Another way to search the reference is to open the “Run” (Key Windows + R) and type “msinfo32”.

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