AT&T and T-Mobile declare war on telephone spam

by Kelvin
We explain how to block calls on Android

As part of the constant war against pre-recorded or fraudulent calls, from now on calls made in the United States between the AT&T and T-Mobile networks will undergo an authentication process that will inform you if a person is really trying to contact you. of meat and bone or if you are receiving an automatic call (known as “robocalls” in English). When your phone rings you will receive a message informing you that the call has been verified, in case it is a human being. Otherwise your phone will still ring, but you will know that it is an unwanted call and you can ignore it with a clear conscience.

Billions of automatic or spam calls are a big problem now in the United States. This is the main complaint received by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) according to its president, Ajit Pai, who recently criticized the lack of sufficient measures by telephone operators and demanded that for this year SHAKEN / STIR protocol will be implemented, which verifies calls. This protocol is the one that is now being used by AT&T and T-Mobile to combat automatic calls made between their networks.


Although the SHAKEN / STIR protocol can only inform you with certainty when a call is authentic and not when it is automatic, it is expected that as more companies join this initiative the frequency of automatic calls, which in many cases could be illegal issues such as fraud or attempts at identity theft (or simply telemarketing or politicians trying to get your vote, among other things), decrease significantly.

Although not all automatic calls are illegal, for most people they are annoying and a waste of time. That is why the other telephone companies are expected to follow the example of AT&T and T-Mobile soon.

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