August 29, Gamer Day, why is it celebrated today?

by Kelvin
August 29, Gamer Day, why is it celebrated today?

11 years ago, the August 29, 2008, the Spanish magazines Play Manía, Hobby Consolas and PC Manía had the idea of ​​creating a celebration to honor the video game fans, also known in the world as the gamers, and thus was born the World Gamer Day.

David Martínez, editor of the magazine Hobby Consolas, said that this initiative was born when there was only the paper magazine, and was designed with the aim of «To claim the videogame as a cultural and entertainment work, so that people stop thinking that video games only serve to kill Martians.»


Why August 29?

The date was chosen August 29 as Gamer's Day because it coincided with several releases of games relevant to industry that year.

The first time the Gamer's Day, its creators encouraged people to celebrate by participating in raffles, going up videos with celebrities who congratulated that day and others where users told their experiences or showed videogame collections. The impact it had was so great that in the end it became a day "official".

How is Gamer Day celebrated this year?

The celebrations are taking place all over the world.

In social networks you can see a lot of contests and invitations to leave comments Y videos.

Very original ideas have also appeared, as in the case of "Very interesting", who posted a question on his website: "If you were a video game character, what would you be?" After answering the questionnaire you can discover if you are the protagonist or antagonist of a videogame.

Another of the originalities that I found in the networks, is this greeting from the National Police of Spain, which not only congratulates the gamers in his day but he has left them a gamers security guide with 10 tips and guidelines for safe play.

Games to enjoy Gamer Day

How could it be otherwise, we will leave here a list of some of the best video games of history.

Pac man

If you are a first hour gamer surely you played the Pac man Many times.

This game is a classic among the classics, of the first video game of history

gamer day


Another super classic. A game that has passed from generation to generation and has adapted to different devices.

Surely you will have played it in the first mini handheld consoles, on the cell phone and on the computer.

Gamer's Day

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Super Mario Bros

Another game for the nostalgic. It's more than a classic, it's a little jewel. Super Mario He has survived many generations, to the point that we are already waiting for the latest version that will come out in a few days.

August 29, Gamer Day, why is it celebrated today? 2

God of war

In each new installment he continues to impress his fans. It also stands out for its wonderful graphics and the captivating plot.

Call of duty

The best known classic first person war game in the world. Each new version is better than the previous one. Modern warfare it is the 2019 version, which is according to Infinity Ward, is the most ambitious game they have created so far.

Great tourism

For racing lovers this is one of the video game That has always stood out above its competitors. He is a multiplayer, with great realism, which now also includes virtual reality.

How are you celebrating this day? We hope you tell us or leave us your video.

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