August PS Plus will feature Wipeout and Sniper Elite 4

by Kelvin
PS Plus de Agosto terá Wipeout e Sniper Elite 4 4

In August, PS Plus subscribers will be able to run or aim at two amazing games; check out the titles

The games available at PS Plus August for subscribers of the exclusive service of Sony were revealed last Wednesday. Recalling that, since March, the Sony no longer makes titles available to users of Playstation 3 and PS Vita, focusing only on titles for the PlayStation 4.


Endless mind-blowing races

The first of the games available to subscribers of PS Plus August is a collection of the best in the racing world coupled with a fantastic sci-fi theme: Wipeout Omega Collection. The package brings together WipEout 2048, WipEout HD and the expansion HD Fury in a turbocharged collection!

The games feature incredible races where competitors must challenge anti-gravity mechanics to reach first place. You'll have to race against time and other riders until you reach the podium, unlocking dozens of ships and competing in over 26 tracks.

Ready to race on mind-blowing tracks in this August PS Plus game?

Multiplayer competition mode allows up to 8 players to face each other on the racetrack running through high speed circuits. Best of all, you can also invite a friend to race against each other directly from the comfort of your couch. The collection also features modes and tracks compatible with the PlayStation VR, for those who prefer a more intense and immersive experience.

Breathe, focus and shoot!

The second game that subscribers to PS Plus will be able to enjoy from August is one of the best action and stealth games of today: Sniper Elite 4. The fourth title of this successful franchise of Rebellion puts you in the shoes of an American sniper in the middle of Italy during World War II clashes.

In this game, you will need to infiltrate enemy territory and fight to eliminate Axis forces from the Italian peninsula. With beautiful looks and a neat historical setting, you'll explore large and varied environments as a secret agent and eliminate enemies before reaching your main target.

Calm and patience are a sniper's best friendsCalm and patience are a sniper's best friends

In addition to stealth, you'll have a variety of traps, explosives, hostile environments, combat and your trusty rifle to terrorize and bring chaos to enemy bases. If you focus and have perfect aim, you can still check the trajectory of your bullet to your enemy in a unique slow motion!

If you want to practice your strategy further, you can still call an online friend to cooperatively participate in an exclusive campaign, or four players to play special missions. The competitive multiplayer modes of Sniper Elite 4 They are also full of adrenaline and tension, allowing up to 12 players to participate in the game.

Enjoying the August PS Plus

Remember that now users of the exclusive service of the Playstation have a storage capacity of 100GB – giving even more space to store all these games and files from your PS4! With cloud storage, you can record the progress of your games and profile on a system PS4, and then continue on another system without losing anything.

Unfortunately, for now, the Sony has no plans to increase the list of free games offered to subscribers of PS Plus. Many players are complaining about the service charge (one year of subscription costs about R $ 130.00) and the reduced quantity of securities offered since the PS3 and PS Vita from the list of consoles covered by the benefits.

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Nevertheless, the PS Plus still required to play multiple games in multiplayer at the PS4 and subscribers can always count on exclusive discounts when there is a week of promotions on PS Storeso stay tuned!

All games listed above will be available to download from August 6th. Finally, for those who have not redeemed the free July games yet, there is a warning to do so while there is still time (until day one). August 5!). See the official announcement of the games:

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